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13 Parameter Automation

All G-Stomper apps provide full Motion Sequencing/Parameter Automation support.

In other words, you can record Parameter movements (e.g. a fader movement) in real-time.

Alternatively you can create and edit Parameter Automations step-by-step using the Step Edit mode (see Chapter: Step Edit Automations)


13.1 Record Parameter Automations13.2 Step Edit Automations13.2.1 Step Edit (Main Drum Machine)13.2.2 Step Edit (FX, Master/SumFX, Mixer, VA-Beast Synthesizer)13.2.3 Step Edit - Normal Mode13.2.4 Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode13.3 Automation Menus13.3.1 Sampler Parameter Automations13.3.2 VA-Beast Parameters Automations13.3.3 All other Parameter Automations13.4 Function Reference13.4.1 Clear Parameter Automation13.4.2 Initialize Parameter Automation13.4.3 Auto-Complete Parameter Automation13.4.4 Generate Parameter Automation13.4.5 Randomize Parameter Automation13.4.6 Create Volume Fade-In/Fade-Out13.5 Record Parameter Automations in Song Mode

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