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13.4.3 Auto-Complete Parameter Automation

Auto-Complete Parameter Automation is used to create smooth Parameter movements just by setting the key Steps (for one or multiple Parameters).

To use it, you just have to define at least 2 Automation Steps (in use of the Step Edit mode) for the desired parameter. Then call Auto-Complete Parameter Automation and enjoy the magic. The number of key Steps is not limited. The Auto-Complete just fills all the gaps between the key Steps with a smooth movement.

(see also Chapter: Step Edit Automations)

Keep in Mind, that you must always set at least 2 key Steps, even if one of them gets the same value as the already (statically) set Parameter value.

Note: Auto-Complete Parameter Automation is only supported for Faders, not for Buttons

Important Note:

If you want to set Key Steps to be used for the Auto-Complete Parameter Automation, the Auto-Init Steps Mode must be disabled. With the Auto-Init Steps Mode enabled, all Steps get automatically initialized, which means in fact, there are no more gaps to be auto completed.

(see Chapters: Step Edit - Normal Mode, Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode)

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