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13.4.4 Generate Parameter Automation

Generate Parameter Automation is used to create Automation curves based on the following waveforms (for one or more Parameters):



Pulse (Square wave, fixed at 50% pulse with)

Triple Peak (a combination a smooth Sawtooth approximated Sine and a 3 times faster running Sine wave)


All waveforms are invertible.

Use the Lower Limit and Upper Limit sliders to define the range of the generated Automation curve.


Note: Generate Parameter Automation is only supported for Faders, not for Buttons

Generate Parameter Automation is linked with Auto-Clone Bars:

If Auto-Clone Bars is enabled, the Automation will only be generated for the current bar. The generated Automation will then be copied to the ‘auto-cloned bars’ (depending on the clone rule).

(see also Chapter: Pattern Sequencer > The Auto-Clone Bars feature on the Position Controls)

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