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13.5 Record Parameter Automations in Song Mode

If the Song Mode is enabled, and you start recording while you’re on the Pattern Set screen, the Song Arranger records your Pattern Changes (the switches from Patter A to Pattern B to Pattern C for example), and also NO-Changes (when a Pattern loops over multiple times).

If the Song Mode is enabled, and you start recording while you’re NOT on the Pattern Set screen (in fact on every other screen), the Song Arranger does just play the Song instead of recording the Song structure.

This way you can record Parameter Automations over multiple Patterns while a Song is playing.

Let me give you an example:

First, we need a short Song Arrangement.

1. Show up the Pattern Set screen.

2. Copy the same (or some variations of the original) Pattern to several Pattern Slots in a Pattern Set

3. Chain all copied Patterns to a Song (one Pattern after another, don't use them multiple times)

4. Make sure that the Song Mode is enabled

5. Switch to the Main Drum Machine

6. Press Record and Play to start recording.


Now, even if the Song Mode and Recording is enabled, you notice that the Song Arranger just plays the Song instead of recording new elements to it.

8. Now, while the sequencer is running and recording, and while the Song is playing, move a fader slowly over the complete Song duration.


The recorded Parameter Automation starts from Pattern A (or from wherever else you started to record) and then continues through every Pattern in the Song.

Note: Since Parameter Automations get recorded in the Patterns (not in the Song), this recording method works only well, if you do not use a particular Patterns multiple times in a Song. So be sure to use every Pattern only once per Song, if you want to use this recording method.

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