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13.2 Step Edit Automations


The Step Edit Mode is used to set/edit Parameter values explicitly at a particular step in the sequence. You can use the Step Edit Mode to edit already recorded parameter automations as well as to step-by- step create new automations.

A parameter automation can be a smooth curve as well as a simple change of a parameter, e.g. to play a sample backwards at a particular step while all other steps play it forward.

The Step Edit Mode comes with two main operation modes:


Step Edit - Normal Mode

(see Chapter: Step Edit - Normal Mode)


Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode

(see Chapter: Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode)

Short Click : Turn the Step Edit Mode ON/OFF

Long Click : Turn the Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode ON/OFF


Since the Step Edit - Auto-Init Mode is a variation of the regular Step Edit Mode, it has only an effect, if Step Edit is turned ON


13.2.1 Step Edit - Normal Mode13.2.2 Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode13.2.3 Step Edit - Drum Machine (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -Producer)13.2.4 Step Edit - VA-Beast Synthesizer (G-Stomper Studio, -VA-Beast, -Producer)13.2.5 Step Edit - FX, Master/SumFX, Mixer (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -VA-Beast)

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