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13.2.4 Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode


By Default, an initial Pattern comes without any Automation Events.

In Step Edit - Auto-Init Steps Mode, if you create a single Automation event (set a Parameter value at a particular Step), then the Automation Sequence of the Parameter gets automatically initialized before the Step values gets set.


1. Start with a fresh Pattern

2. Select Track T01

3. Set the Volume fader to 100

4. Short click the Step Edit Button to turn the Step Edit Mode ON

5. Then long click the Step Edit button to turn the Auto-Init Steps Mode ON as well

6. Select Step 09 using the Step Buttons

7. On Step 09, set the Volume fader to 0(zero).

8. Now short click the Step Edit Button to turn the Step Edit Mode OFF

9. Press Play and watch the Volume fader

As you notice, the Volume fader is mainly on 100 and only changes to 0(zero) at Step 09. Technically, when you change the Fader value at Step 09 (Step Edit + Auto-Init Steps enabled), the

Automation Sequence for the volume Fader gets automatically initialized with its original value 100 (all

steps get set to 100) before the value 0(zero) gets set at Step 09.

Important Note:

If you want to set Key Steps to be used for the Auto-Complete Parameter Automation, the Auto-Init Steps Mode must be disabled. With the Auto-Init Steps Mode enabled, all Steps get automatically initialized, which means in fact, there are no more gaps to be auto completed.

(see Chapter: Auto-Complete Parameter Automation)

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