Announcing G-Stomper Studio 5.4.2

G-Stomper Studio, Rhythm and VA-Beast 5.4.2 arrived today!

This new release introduces a new frequency domain based Pitch Shifter module, independent real-time Pitch and Speed control of the drum samplers, new Pitch Shift and Time Compress/Expand operations in the graphical Audio Editor, and two new Pitch Shifter effects for the effect units.

Furthermore, the effect units got a new, redesigned FX selector that allows you to browse the FX list by effect categories.

Be sure to check out the updated Documentation.

G-Stomper Studio 5.4.2

See the full list of changes in the release notes:
G-Stomper Studio 5.4.2
G-Stomper Rhythm 5.4.2
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.4.2

G-Stomper Studio 5.4.2 is now online on Google Play, Amazon and SlideME.

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