Announcing G-Stomper Studio 5.4.3

G-Stomper Studio, Rhythm and VA-Beast 5.4.3 arrived today!

This new release introduces a new bulk Pattern Audio & MIDI exporter, which makes it easy to create stems of a selection of Patterns or a complete Pattern Set in a single operation.

G-Stomper Studio 5.4.3

The existing letterboxing mechanism has been completely overhauled to make better use of the available space, and to ensure proper support for all screen aspect ratios, including the new wide screen devices. In addition, devices that provide enough free letterboxed space due to their screen aspect ratio (e.g. 4:3, 18:9), get a new Quick Navigator bar which lets you access every view with a single click.

G-Stomper Studio 5.4.3

G-Stomper Studio 5.4.3

Furthermore, the Pattern Set got some useful upgrades to show you more details about the contained Patterns.

Be sure check out the updated Pattern Set & Song Arranger chapter and the overall updated Documentation.

See the full list of changes in the release notes:
G-Stomper Studio 5.4.3
G-Stomper Rhythm 5.4.3
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.4.3

G-Stomper Studio 5.4.3 is now online on Google Play, Amazon and SlideME.

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