Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a Documentation for G-Stomper Studio?

Yes. A detailed User Manual is available at: Documentation
You can choose between the Online Documentation and a Printable PDF Version.


Is there a separate Documentation for G-Stomper Rhythm and G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer?

Not a separate.
Since version 3.3.2, the documentation for G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm and G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer is consolidated.

The detailed User Manual is available at: Documentation
You can choose between Online Documentation and Printable PDF Version.


Are there a any Video Tutorials?

Yes, check the Tutorials area.


What are the differences between G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm and G-Stomper VA-Beast?

A detailed list is provided in the Product Comparison Chart.


I’m running out of Memory/RAM, what can I do?

There are several settings to reduce the Memory/RAM consumption.
A detailed guide can be found here.


I’m having performance problems (audio glitches, distortion or similar), what can I do?

There are several settings to reduce the CPU consumption.
A detailed guide can be found here.


G-Stomper (on Samsung Android 5.1.1) crashes when I connect an USB MIDI device

Due to a bug in the permission system of the Samsung Android 5.1.1 update, it is not possible to use USB MIDI devices on certain Samsung models. Please note that this problem also occurs in many other apps, so it’s definitely not a bug in G-Stomper.

So far, the problem has been reported for the following devices (first appearance in early October 2015):

Galaxy S5
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2
Galaxy Tab E 9.6
Galaxy Tab 4 7

Samsung has fixed the bug in their Marshmallow (Android 6.x) update. If USB MIDI is essential for you, then it’s recommended not to update to Android 5.1.1 unless you have the confirm that Android Marshmallow is delivered to your device model.


Starting the VA-Beast Poly Grid results in screen flickering or crashes the App

This is most likely caused by a graphics driver bug, reported by several Lenovo and Samsung devices (running on Android 5.x/6.x).

Please send a message from inside the app and let us know that you ran into that bug.

1. Start G-Stomper
2. On the main screen, press HELP and select “Contact” from the menu
3. Write a short description of the problem and send the message

With the information in that message we can fix the problem permanently for the reported device model.

You can also get around the problem by manually overriding the GPU default settings:

1. Start G-Stomper
2. On the main screen, press SETUP and select the INFO tab
3. Double click the text “System Info” (see image)

This is a hidden switch which changes the GPU Usage info into a selection list (if it doesn’t work at the first try, just try again).

4. Set the GPU Usage to “Moderate”
5. Exit the SETUP dialog and restart G-Stomper

G-Stomper Studio 5.1


Very bad performance on fast devices with Auto-Haptic (e.g. Galaxy S3)

Auto-Haptic slows down audio apps dramatically. You can turn it off as followed:
Settings > Sound > Auto-Haptic > Disable


No Sound when USB MIDI Controller/Keyboard connected

This seems to be an Android OS or driver bug on several devices (e.g. Sony XPeria Z1/Z3 running on Android 4.4). Devices with that bug think the connected USB MIDI device is actually an USB Audio interface and therefore route the audio output to the USB MIDI interface rather than the speakers/headphones (which does of course not work).

For now, the only workaround is to override the wrong audio routing in use of an app called SoundAbout, which can be downloaded from Google Play:

Get SoundAbout App from Google Play

Once installed, follow the steps below:
1. Launch G-Stomper
2. Plug in MIDI keyboard (and grant permission)
3. Launch SoundAbout
4. Select the desired media for audio in “Media audio” (headphones/speaker)
5. Set “SoundAbout Service” to “ON” (with or without status)
6. Go back to G-Stomper

Et voilà, audio works again.


How to use Sounds from Add-On Packs?

Some of the Add-On Packs provide new Sound Sets.
Those are located in the ‘Factory Sound Sets’.
Main Menu > Load > Factory Sound Set > …

Some of the Add-On packs provide Samples only.
To load a Sample to one of the Sampler Tracks:
Long click one of the T[..] buttons > Load > Factory Sample > …

Some of the Add-On packs provide VA-Beast Synthesizer Presets.
To load a Synthesizer Preset:
Long click one of the VT[..] buttons > Load > VA Factory Preset > …


Do I have to pay again to install a paid G-Stomper app on another device?

No, you don’t have to pay for it again.

The ownership of a paid G-Stomper app is bound to the Google Play account which you have used to buy it. If you want to install a paid G-Stomper app on another device (when switching to a new phone for example), simply attach the same Google Play account (the one you have used to buy G-Stomper) to the new device. Once this is done, you can download the app without getting charged again.

If you still see the “Buy” button on Google Play, go to …
Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > clear cache and data
Finally reboot your device and then try again.


Where can I get Support for the G-Stomper Apps?

The fastes way to get Support is the G-Stomper Support Forum.


Is there a place to share the music I created with G-Stomper?

Yes. Check out the Music Showcase Section in the G-Stomper Support Forum.

Where can I find G-Stomper in the Social Networks?

Follow G-Stomper on Twitter Visit G-Stomper on Google+ Visit G-Stomper on Facebook Visit G-Stomper on LinkedIn Follow G-Stomper on SoundCloud Follow G-Stomper on Instagram Check out the G-Stomper YouTube Channel

Any other questions?

Please contact us


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