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16 Track Pattern Sets & Scene Set

This Chapter explains what Track Patterns and Scenes are, and how to use the Track Pattern Sets and Scene Sets in G-Stomper Producer.




16.1 Pattern/Song Operation16.2 Global Quantum16.2.1 What is the Global Quantum?16.2.2 What is the Global Quantum (mainly) used for? Track Sequencer Synchronization16.2.2.2 Ableton Link Synchronization16.2.3 How to change the Global Quantum?16.2.4 What is the Global Quantum used for in the Song Arranger?16.2.5 How to change the Global Quantum in the Song Arranger?16.3 Track Pattern Set16.3.1 Show/Hide Track Pattern Set(s)16.3.2 Track Patterns16.4 Track Pattern Slots & Banks16.5 Track Pattern Slot Menu16.5.1 <Track-ID>/A|B|C|D-[..]16.5.2 Copy16.5.3 Clear16.6 Live Track Pattern Arranger16.6.1 Stop/Start a particular Track Pattern16.6.2 Beat-Safe Pattern Changes16.6.3 Advanced Pattern Changes16.6.4 Pattern Change Chain Mode16.6.5 Pattern Lock Mode16.6.6 Quick Track Pattern Set Navigator16.7 Scene Set16.8 Scenes16.9 Scene Slots & Banks16.10 Scene Slot Menu16.10.1 A|B|C|D-[..]16.10.2 Load16.10.3 Save16.10.4 Copy16.10.5 Clear16.10.6 Import16.11 Live Scene Arranger16.11.1 Snapshot Scene16.11.2 Beat-Safe Scene Changes16.11.3 Quantum-Safe Scene Changes16.11.4 Quick Scene Set Navigator

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