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16.3 Track Pattern Set

Each Track in G-Stomper Producer provides its own, individual Pattern Sequencer and Pattern Set.

A Track Pattern Set is a set of up to 64 Patterns of one particular Track. Those Track Patterns are bound to a specific audio module instance, which can be a Drum Sampler, a VA-Beast Synth, the Send FX rack, the Master section, or the Tempo Track.

The particular Patterns in a Track Pattern Set can be completely different. They can vary in Length, Time Signature, Swing/Shuffle, Automations, in case of an instrument module in Sounds and Sequences, and in any other way a Pattern can be customized.

This means in other words, each Track Pattern in each Track Pattern Set can have its own, individual timing, which makes the creation of real poly-rhythms easier than ever before.

Each Pattern in a Track Pattern Set is stored in one of the 64 Pattern Slots, which are organized in 4 Banks of 16 (A, B, C, D).


To switch between the different Patterns, simply click one of the Pattern Slots. This action is called a “Pattern Change”.

Note: If you do Pattern Changes while the Sequncer is runnging, then the change will actually be scheduled to the end of the currently running Pattern (see Chapter: Beat-Safe Pattern Changes).

Note: While the Global Sequencer is running, you can stop and start each individual Track Sequencer by tapping the currently active Pattern Slot (see Chapter: Stop/Start a particular Track Pattern).


16.3.1 Show/Hide Track Pattern Set(s)16.3.2 Track Patterns

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