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16.6.5 Pattern Lock Mode

The Pattern Lock Mode is used to prevent Patterns in the Pattern Set from being permanently changed during live sessions.

In live situations it’s often the case that you want to make real-time changes to particular Patterns. By default (without Pattern Lock), all these changes are directly applied to the actual Pattern in the Pattern Set. This is surely the appropriate behavior when you build or edit Patterns, but in a live situation you probably just want to tweak the sounds without permanently changing the actual Patterns. Pattern Lock covers exactly this situation.


If "Lock Patterns" is enabled, you can make changes to the currently running Pattern without affecting the actual Pattern in the underlying Track Pattern Set. As soon as you select a different Pattern Slot or if you switch off the "Lock Patterns", all changes you made will be discarded. This is very useful if you want to jam live across multiple Patterns, but want to keep the underlying Track Pattern Sets intact.


If you come to a situation want to keep a Sound Set or VA-Beast Preset while "Lock Patterns" is enabled, just save it as a new Sound Set or VA-Beast Preset.

Please also note that the "Lock Patterns" will be automatically deactivated, if you copy, swap or clear Track Pattern Contents, if you load, import or clear a Scene or Project, or if you export a Project or multiple Scenes as Audio or MIDI.

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