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16.7 Scene Set

In addition to the Track Pattern Sets, G-Stomper Producer provides a Scene Set with up to 64 Scenes. Each Scene references the Track Patterns of a specific Track Pattern Slot in every Track.

More specifically, if you select the Scene A-01, then you actually select the Track Pattern A-01 in all existing Tracks. That is, all Drum Sampler Tracks, all VA-Beast Synth Tracks, the Send FX Track, the Master Track, and the Tempo Track.

Each Scene in a Scene Set is stored in one of the 64 Scene Slots, which are organized in 4 Banks of 16 (A, B, C, D).


To switch between the different Scenes, simply click one of the Scene Slots. This action is called a “Scene Change”.

Note: If you do Scene Changes while the Sequncer is runnging, then the particular Track Pattern Changes will actually be scheduled, either per Track to the end of its currently running Pattern (see Chapter: Beat-Safe Scene Changes), or to the end of the currently running Global Quantum Cycle (see Chapter: Quantum-Safe Scene Changes), depending on your preferred default setting (see Chapter: Scene Slot Menu / A|B|C|D-[..].

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