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16.11 Live Scene Arranger

The Live Scene Arranger is used to switch between the different Scenes while the Global Sequencer is running.

A switch from one Scene to another one is called a “Scene Change”. A Scene Change occurs when you…

• tap one of the Scene Slots

• load a Scene from your storage

• copy a Scene from one Scene Slot to another one

• swap a Scene Slot with another one

• snapshot the currently running setup to a new Scene

If you do Scene Changes while the Sequncer is runnging, then the particular Track Pattern Changes will actually be scheduled, either per Track to the end of its currently running Pattern (see Chapter: Beat- Safe Scene Changes), or to the end of the currently running Global Quantum Cycle (see Chapter: Quantum-Safe Scene Changes), depending on your preferred default setting (see Chapter: Scene Slot Menu / A|B|C|D-[..]. In other words, you’ll never run into abrupt beat changes.


16.11.1 Snapshot Scene16.11.2 Beat-Safe Scene Changes16.11.3 Quantum-Safe Scene Changes16.11.4 Quick Scene Set Navigator

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