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16.6 Live Track Pattern Arranger

The Live Track Pattern Arranger is used to switch between the different Track Patterns or to stop or start a particular Track Pattern while the Global Sequencer is running.

A switch from one Track Pattern to another one is called a “Pattern Change”. A Pattern Change occurs when you…

• tap one of the Pattern Slots

• load a Scene or a Project from your storage

• copy a Pattern from one Pattern Slot to another one (within the same or in another Track)

• swap a Pattern Slot with another one (within the same or in another Track)

Every Pattern Change will always be Beat-Safe, which means you’ll never run into abrupt beat changes. (see Chapter: Beat-Safe Pattern Changes)


16.6.1 Stop/Start a particular Track Pattern16.6.2 Beat-Safe Pattern Changes16.6.3 Advanced Pattern Changes16.6.4 Pattern Change Chain Mode16.6.5 Pattern Lock Mode16.6.6 Quick Track Pattern Set Navigator

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