Privacy Policy

What information does G-Stomper Studio collect?

The G-Stomper Studio application counts the number of times the application is started. This data is used only to show up a dialog after a specific number of starts with a hint to support G-Stomper Studio; the data is not transmitted to anywhere.
Apart from that, the G-Stomper Studio application does not collect or transmit any information.

What information does the G-Stomper Studio application store on my device?

G-Stomper Studio creates and uses a dedicated directory on the SD-Storage (full version: /gstomper, demo version: /gstomperdemo) to store Patterns, Pattern-Sets, Sound-Sets, Synthesizer Presets, exported Audio Files and various configuration files. When installing G-Stomper Studio Content-Pack Add-Ons, those will store new Content Files like Samples, Presets or Patterns into the /gstomper directory (full version only). When using the ‘Copy exported Audio to …’ function, the chosen files will be copied from the /gstomper directory to one of user selectable directories, /media/audio/alarms, /media/audio/notifications or /media/audio/ringtones (full version only).

What do the G-Stomper Studio DEMO and the FREE Sample-Pack applications use the ‘Full Internet Access’ for?

G-Stomper Studio DEMO and the Free Sample-Pack Add-Ons are using the Internet Access for displaying Advertisements from Admob. Furthermore G-Stomper Studio DEMO uses the Internet Access to check for special Discount offers.

Advertising (G-Stomper Studio DEMO and FREE Sample-Pack applications):

G-Stomper Studio DEMO and the Free Sample-Pack Add-Ons are displaying Advertisements from Admob. The Advertisements may be based on your current location. Where G-Stomper Studio DEMO and the Free Sample-Pack Add-Ons contain links to Advertisements, we are not responsible for the privacy policy or for any matters relating to the Advertisements, including responsibility for controlling any personal data that you may provide in response to Advertisements. We encourage you to check the privacy policies of all third party sites that you visit.

What happens to email attachments sent to the developer for support?

Any file attachments sent to the developer of G-Stomper Studio are used for testing purposes only and will never be shared with a third party. Additionally, all reply email addresses and/or phone numbers will not be shared with, sold to, or given to any third party.

Changes to our Privacy Policy?

Changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this page.
This policy was last modified on July 5, 2014