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6.1.3 Swing/Shuffle


The Swing Shuffle Controls are used to set the main Swing amount of the Sequencer as well as the Swing affected Steps.

Use the fader for rough adjustments and the Up/Down Arrows for fine tuning.

Swing affected Steps:

The Swing affected Steps allow you to customize the Swing Quantization.

By default (with Step Timing = 16th), every 2nd and 4th Step is affected by the Swing, which is in fact a classic Shuffle.

Turn the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Step ON/OFF to change the Swing affected Steps.

Rather than with a regular Shuffle setup, you can also apply Swing for Triplet Step Timings.

Important Note:

Even if the Swing configuration and amount are globally set per Pattern, it can be enabled/disabled independently per Track. To turn it ON/OFF, use the Track Menu (long press a Track Pad T[..] or VT[..]), or in case of the Drum Samplers the quick access switch on the Drum Machine.

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