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6.2.4 Tempo/BPM Automation

In G-Stomper Studio and G-Stomper Producer, the Tempo can be fully automated. This is useful for smooth transitions between Patterns with different BPM settings.

Note that Tempo/BPM Automation is disabled by default. If you want to automate the Tempo, you must first enable the feature in the Setup dialog.

Depending on the used App, navigating to the Setup dialog might be different.

G-Stomper Studio: On the Main Drum Machine, in the “Common” frame in the upper right corner. G-Stomper Producer: In the Toolbar on top, on every screen.




Tempo/BPM Automation is exclusive in G-Stomper Studio and G-Stomper Producer.

In G-Stomper Rhythm and G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone), the Tempo cannot be automated.

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