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6.3 Time Signatures

The Time Signature is a notational convention used in Western musical notation to specify how many beats are to be contained in each musical measure and which note value is equivalent to one beat.


Setting up a Pattern with a specific Time Signature in G-Stomper is always a combination of …

Step Timing

The Note value (duration) of each Step

Steps per Bar

The Number of Steps per Bar

Length in Bars

The Number of Bars in this Pattern

(see Chapters: Step Timing, Steps per Bar, Pattern Length in Bars)

You can either set these values manually using the regular UI controls or you can use the Time Signature Wizard in the toolbar on top to choose one of the predefined musical Time Signatures. (see Chapter: The Time Signature Wizard)

The Timing info display in the toolbar always shows the musical Time Signature that corresponds with the Step Timing, the Steps per Bar, and the Length in Bars. When you change these settings manually, then the Timing info display gets automatically updated.


6.3.1 The Time Signature Wizard6.3.2 Even Time Signatures6.3.2.1 4/ 2/ 2/ 6/ 12/86.3.3 Odd Time Signatures6.3.3.1 3/ 9/ 5/ 7/ 3.5/ 7/86.3.4 Polyrhythms

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