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14 Live Recording

Live Recording basically means to tap your sequences in while the sequencer is running, or in other words, to record sequences into G-Stomper.


To capture/record the G-Stomper Audio Output in real-time, please see Chapter: Audio Export & Bouncing > Audio Session Recorder / Real-Time Audio Export


To capture/record new Samples from Microphone, please see Chapter: Audio Editor > Record Samples from Microphone


14.1 Live Recording and Latency14.1.1 Control Input Latency (e.g. display reaction time)14.1.2 Audio Output Latency14.1.3 Latency Compensation14.1.4 Audio Latency may cause Silent Recording14.1.5 Low Latency Support (OpenSL, AudioTrack N, and AAudio)14.2 Live Drum Recording - Sampler (Sampler related screens)14.3 Live Rhythm ARP Recording - Sampler (Main Drum Machine, Drum Pads)14.4 Live Note Recording - Sampler (Main Drum Machine)14.5 Live Note Recording - VA-Beast (VA-Beast related screens)

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