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14.1.1 Control Input Latency (e.g. display reaction time)

The Control Input latency is the time from the moment you touch the screen (or an external MIDI Keyboard) until the audio system gets notified by the Android OS to do something. It is influenced by various factors, which strongly depend on your device and Android version. It can vary from a few milliseconds up to 300ms or even more.

Since the Input Latency is not known by a particular application, there’s no way for G-Stomper to automatically compensate it.

In most cases, especially on newer devices, you don’t have to care about the Input Latency, since Touch Screens got much faster over the last few years.

But on older devices the Input Latency may be an issue. If this is the case, your recorded events are always placed a bit too late in the sequence (e.g. 1 Step delayed).

To get rid of this delay, G-Stomper provides a Latency Compensation setting in the Setup Dialog. (see Chapter: Latency Compensation)

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