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14.1.4 Audio Latency may cause Silent Recording

Silent Recording is automatically activated if your audio Latency is higher than 60ms. (to check your Audio Latency, see Chapter: Audio Latency)

Silent Recording means that you won’t hear the played sounds when you tap sequences in while recording is enabled.

Let me give you an example to make this clearer:

If your device has an Audio Latency of 100ms (not regarding the Display Latency in this context), and you’d live record the sounds in real time, then you would hear the sounds 100ms delayed.

On the other hand the audible playback of the existing Sequence is also 100ms delayed.

When you record in real-time, then you intuitively place notes to match with the current playback.

So when you push a pad at the same time you hear an existing kick drum, then the kick drum is at 100ms latency, your tap is at 100ms latency, and the final audible output of your tap is at 200ms (100+100ms).

Due to this delay, it would more confusing than helpful to real-time playback a sound while recording (if the audio Latency is higher than 60ms). Therefore the real-time playback of the entered sounds is disabled during the recording process.

Even if silent recording is active, you’ll of course hear the recorded sounds, but only when the sequencer went through the loop cycle and comes to the already recorded steps.

Note: To reduce the Latency to a minimum, use one of the supported Low Latency Audio Systems. (see Chapter: Low Latency Support (OpenSL, AudioTrack N, and AAudio))

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