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10 Effects

10.1 FX Overview

All G-Stomper apps provide various Effect Units across the signal chain.

Depending on the used App, the location and appearance of the Effect Units might be different.


10.1 FX Overview10.1.1.1 G-Stomepr Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm, G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone) G-Stomper Producer10.2 FX Unit10.2.1 FX Parameters10.2.2 FX VU Meters10.3 FX Types10.3.1 Main FX Chain Types10.3.2 Master Sum/Insert FX and Mixer Channel Insert FX Types10.4 Main FX Chain10.4.1.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm, G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone) G-Stomper Producer10.5 FX Send10.5.1.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm, G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone) G-Stomper Producer10.6 FX Side Chaining10.6.1 Side Chaining - Definition10.6.2 Side Chaining in G-Stomper10.6.3 Compressor/Limiter Example (no Side Chaining)10.6.4 Compressor/Limiter with Side Chaining10.6.5 Vocoder Example10.7 Effect Reference10.7.1 Dynamic Processors10.7.1.1 Compressor/Limiter10.7.1.2 Compressor/Limiter II10.7.1.3 Compressor (simple) Limiter (simple) Stereo Tool10.7.1.6 Gate10.7.1.7 Transient Shaper10.7.1.8 Exciter10.7.1.9 Bottom Booster10.7.1.10 Stereo Enhancer10.7.2 Distortion Effects10.7.2.1 Distortion10.7.2.2 Overdrive10.7.2.3 Overdrive II10.7.2.4 Saturation10.7.2.5 BitCrusher10.7.2.6 Waveshaper10.7.2.7 Bender Distortion10.7.3 Delay/Reverb10.7.3.1 Stereo Delay10.7.3.2 Single X-Delay10.7.3.3 Dual X-Delay10.7.3.4 LFO X-Delay10.7.3.5 Reverb10.7.3.6 Reverb (X-Large10.7.3.7 Short Delay10.7.4 Modulation Effects10.7.4.1 Tremolo10.7.4.2 Auto Panner10.7.4.3 Chorus/Flanger10.7.4.4 Phaser10.7.4.5 Static Phaser (no LFO)10.7.5 Filters10.7.5.1 LP Filter 12dB10.7.5.2 HP Filter 12dB10.7.5.3 LP Filter 24dB10.7.5.4 HP Filter 24dB10.7.5.5 BP Filter 12dB10.7.5.6 Notch Filter 12dB10.7.5.7 Moog LP Filter 24dB10.7.5.8 Moog HP Filter 24dB10.7.5.9 EQ (1-Band) EQ (2-Band)10.7.6 Other Effects10.7.6.1 Single Pitch Shifter10.7.6.2 Dual Pitch Shifter10.7.6.3 Granulator10.7.6.4 Pan/Vol10.7.6.5 Vocoder A, B, C, D (8-Band)

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