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Stereo Tool provides Mid/Side processing to narrow or widen the Stereo image. It furthermore has a gain control, it lets you invert the phase of one or both channels, you can use the left or right channel instead of the whole Stereo signal or you can swap the Stereo channels.

More details about Mid/Side processing here.

Parameter 1: Gain (0..100)

Parameter 2: Width (0..200%) 0% = Mono / Mid only, 100% = Stereo / Mid+Sides, 200% = Sides only Parameter 3: CH:Mode (L+R:Stereo, L:Only, R:Only, L+R:Swapped)

Parameter 4: Phase (Normal, L:Inverted, R:Inverted, L+R:Inverted)

Input 1: Main Signal

Input 2: (not available)

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