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G-Stomper Studio
G-Stomper Rhythm

G-Stomper VA-Beast
User Manual

App Version: 5.7.2

Date: 23/12/2018


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Contents10 Effects10.1 FX Overview (FX, Master/SumFX, Mixer)10.2 FX Parameters (FX, Master/SumFX, Mixer)10.3 FX VU Meters (FX, Master/SumFX, Mixer)10.4 FX Types10.4.1 Main FX Chain Types10.4.2 Master Sum FX and Mixer Channel Insert FX Types10.5 FX Chain (FX, Main Drum Machine)10.6 FX Send (various screens)10.7 FX Side Chaining10.7.1 Side Chaining - Definition10.7.2 Side Chaining in G-Stomper10.7.3 Compressor/Limiter Example (no Side Chaining)10.7.4 Compressor/Limiter with Side Chaining10.7.5 Vocoder Example10.8 Effect Reference10.8.1 Dynamic Processors10.8.2 Distortion Effects10.8.3 Delay/Reverb10.8.4 Modulation Effects10.8.5 Filters10.8.6 Other Effects

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