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10.4.2 Master Sum FX and Mixer Channel Insert FX Types


The Sum FX Units in the Master section and the Mixer (per) Channel Insert FX Units come without Side- Chain support; therefore the Vocoders are excluded (Vocoders work with Side-Chaining only)

The 2 Sum Effect Units in the Master Section provide the following subset of Effect types:

Dynamic Processors: Compressor/Limiter *sc Compressor/Limiter II *sc Compressor (simple) *sc Limiter (simple) *sc Stereo Tool

Gate *sc

Transient Shaper *sc Exciter **

Bottom Booster ** Stereo Enhancer **

Distortion Effects: Distortion

Overdrive Overdrive II Saturation Bit Crusher Waveshaper

Bender Distortion

Delay/Reverb: Stereo Delay *

Single X-Delay * Dual X-Delay * LFO X-Delay *, **

Reverb *(pre-delay)

Reverb (X-Large) *(pre-delay) Short Delay **

Modulation Effects: Tremolo ** Auto Panner **

Chorus/Flanger ** Phaser **

Static Phaser (no LFO)

Filters: LP Filter 12dB **, *ef, *sc

HP Filter 12dB **, *ef, *sc LP Filter 24dB **, *ef, *sc HP Filter 24dB **, *ef, *sc BP Filter 12dB **, *ef, *sc

Notch Filter 12dB **, *ef, *sc Moog LP Filter 24dB **, *ef, *sc Moog HP Filter 24dB **, *ef, *sc EQ (1-Band) **

EQ (2-Band)

Other Effects: Single Pitch Shifter Dual Pitch Shifter Granulator Pan/Vol

Vocoder A (8-Band) *sc Vocoder B (8-Band) *sc Vocoder C (8-Band) *sc Vocoder D (8-Band) *sc

* Tempo sync

** Tempo synchable LFO

*ef Envelope Follower

*sc Side Chain Support (regular FX Chain, FX1-FX3 only)

(for details about the particular Effects, see Chapter: Effect Reference)

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