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10.6.4 Compressor/Limiter with Side Chaining


1. Long click the FX Send of the kick drum Track to send it, still to the Compressor/Limiter, but to Input2 instead of Input1.

Hint: Use the VU Meter in the middle to monitor the Input2 signal.

2. Now you don’t hear the kick drum anymore. But it still controls the ducking effect. This is what Compressor Side Chaining does:

Let a second signal (which is not on the main mix) control the Compression level.

The same can be applied to the Resonant Filters. The only difference is that the side chain signal (Input2) controls the Envelope Follower instead of the Compression level.


Side Chaining is only possible in the main FX Chain (FX1, FX2 and FX3).

The Master Sum/Insert FX and Channel Insert FX do not allow Side Chaining.

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