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10.6.3 Compressor/Limiter Example (no Side Chaining)

Without side chaining, the Compressor/Limiter effect reduces the volume of the main input signal (Input1) depending on the main input level. As louder the input signal is as more the reduction.

1. Create a simple kick drum Track (Triggers on step 01, 05, 09, 13; typical straight beat) and send it to the FX unit where you loaded the Compressor/Limiter (route it normal to the default Input1, no Side Chaining).

2. Create s simple Track using a long synthesizer sound and send it to the Compressor/Limiter as well.

3. Adjust the kick drum so that it’s louder than the synthesizer signal.

4. With a bit of adjusting on the Compressor/Limiter (on FX Edit screen), you’ll hear the typical ducking effect, known from many music productions.

What happens in the Compressor/Limiter is as followed:

The output volume of the Compressor/Limiter is reduced each time the kick drum starts to play, and as soon as the kick drum is over, the volume gets louder again. As a matter of course, this is depending on the settings of the Compressor/Limiter: attack, release, ratio and threshold.

This is sounding nice, but what if you want the ducking effect on the synthesizer (on step 01, 05, 09, 13), but you don’t want to hear the kick drum which is controlling the Effect? This can be achieved with Compressor Side Chaining.

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