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The latest update of the G-Stomper Product Line is the second and last part of a major overhaul of the Timing & Measure section.

Improved Time Signature Wizard

The Time Signature Wizard offers a number of predefined musical Time Signatures (such as 3/4, 5/4, 12/8, etc.) to choose from. All you have to do is to select a Time Signature, and the Wizard automatically assigns the correct settings for you.

The Time Signature display on the other hand shows the musical Time Signature that corresponds with the Step Timing, the Steps per Bar, and the Length in Bars. To show you the Time Signature interpretation that makes the most sense, it uses a combination of tradition, common usage, and the technical specification.

Depending on the used app, the Time Signature Wizard/Display might appear slightly different.

G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm, G-Stomper VA-Beast:
G-Stomper Studio Time Signature Wizard 2019

G-Stomper Producer:
G-Stomper Producer Time Signature Wizard 2019

12 Step Timings

The Step Timing defines the Note value (duration) of each Step.

G-Stomper Step Timing 2019

8 > 2 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 8th Note
8T > 3 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 12th Note = 8th Note Triplet
16 > 4 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 16th Note
16Q > 5 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 20th Note = 16th Note Quintuplet
16T > 6 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 24th Note = 16th Note Triplet
16S > 7 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 28th Note = 16th Note Septuplet
32 > 8 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 32nd Note
32N > 9 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 36th Note = 32nd Note Nonuplet
32Q > 10 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 40th Note = 32nd Note Quintuplet
32U > 11 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 44th Note = 32nd Note Undecuplet
32T > 12 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 48th Note = 32nd Note Triplet
64 > 16 Steps per Beat, 1 Step = 64th Note

Changing the Step Timing automatically changes the available number of Swing affected
Steps in the Swing/Shuffle controls.

Up to 12 Swing affected Steps per Beat

The Swing affected Steps allow you to customize the Swing Quantization.
By default (with Step Timing = 16th), every 2nd and 4th Step is affected by the Swing, which is in fact a classic Shuffle. You can turn the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Step ON/OFF to change the Swing affected Steps.

The available number of Swing affected Steps depends on the selected Step Timing.

G-Stomper Swing affected Steps 2019

8 > 2nd
8T > 2nd – 3rd
16 > 2nd – 4th
16Q > 2nd – 5th
16T > 2nd – 6th
16S > 2nd – 7th
32 > 2nd – 8th
32N > 2nd – 9th
32Q > 2nd – 10th
32U > 2nd – 11th
32T > 2nd – 12th
64 > 2nd – 8th (duplicated on 9th – 16th)

Updated User Manual

Be sure to check out the updated chapters Timing & Measure and User Samples in the User Manual.

See the full list of changes in the release notes

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The updated apps are now available on Google Play and Amazon.

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