What’s New

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.5.2 Release Notes:
  • The app is now ready for Android O (8.0)
  • Many rare crash bugs fixed (special thanks to Google for the improved crash reports)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.5.1 Release Notes:
  • Background changes + updated Privacy Policy to comply with the latest Google Play Developer Policy updates
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.5 Release Notes:
  • Integrated Ableton Link for beat, phase and tempo synchronization over a wireless LAN (long press PLAY, then ‘Enable Ableton Link’, or likewise ‘Main Screen / SETUP / SEQ / Ableton Link’)
  • New FX type: ‘Stereo Tool’ that allows MID/SIDE Processing and much more (check the DYN tab in the FX selector)
  • New Bypass switch for the Parametric 3-Band EQs
  • Added a Stereo Spread slider to the VA-Beast Unison that allows to narrow the stereo image of the signal if required
  • Consolidated the ON/OFF and VOICES buttons of the VA-Beast UNISON (now you can just click through OFF/2x/3x/5x)
  • Increased the tempo range from 30..300bpm to 20..999bpm
  • Changed the Tempo sliders to act exponential (rather than linear) to make it easier to select the most common tempo values
  • Reduced the memory usage of the FX Units
  • Improved Latency Compensation
  • The OpenSL Audio System is no longer experimental
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Optimized letter-boxing in both directions to support new screen aspect ratios
  • New Quick Navigator bar (landscape only) on devices that provide enough empty space due to their screen aspect ratio (e.g. 4:3, 18:9)
  • The Link Edit/Play Pos setting now keep its value when restarting the app
  • Various minor bugs fixed
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Added Pitch Shift & Time Compress/Expand to the Audio Editor processing
  • Replaced the existing Pitch Shifter FX with two new, completely re-written Pitch Shifters
  • Added a Moog 24dB HP Filter to the FX types
  • Renamed X-Delay to LFO X-Delay for better transparency
  • New re-designed FX Selector (organized by FX category)
  • Various improvements & minor bug fixes
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.4.1 Release Notes:
  • Several changes in the SoundCloud upload mechanism due to a new SoundCloud API revision
  • Minor changes in the settings dialog
  • Various minor UI bugs fixed
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Added a confirmation dialog when closing the Audio Editor while a recording is running
  • Added two new Play Modes in the VA-Beast PCM/Sampler Module: Loop Forward + Outro, Intro + Loop Forward + Outro
  • Various minor improvements in the audio core
  • Various minor bugs fixed
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Fine tuning and improvements in the App Settings
  • Raised the max number of VA-Beast Synthesizer Voices per Track to 12
  • Fixed a bug in the VA-Beast engine which prevented particular voices from being properly released in some situations
  • Various minor bugs fixed
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Fixed several bugs on Android 3.x devices
  • With respect to your privacy:
    - You can now opt out of any notification messages in the settings
    - Furthermore we’ve added a ‘turn off’ button to all upcoming messages (so if you don’t like getting informed about exclusive offers, hit that button and never see a message again)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • New Graphical Audio Editor/(Mic-)Recorder (located in the long press RECORD menu as well as in the sample menu of the VA-Beast PCM Module)
  • New Low Latency Audio System for devices running on Android N (7.0) or higher
  • New ‘Lock Mixer Channels’ switch to protect the VA-Beast Mixer Channels from being overwritten when loading Presets
  • Raised the latency limit for silent recording from 40ms to 60ms
  • Fine tuning of the device specific default settings
  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • New Audio Session Recorder to record your live sessions as .wav while tweaking the machines (long press RECORD to start, long press STOP to stop)
  • New LOCK MONO switch on the Mixer, FX and Master view to be able to temporary work on the mix in mono (bypasses all pannings and Stereo affecting FX parts)
  • New setting in the MIDI setup to transpose incoming MIDI Notes by -6..+6 semitones
  • New MIDI IN/OUT indicator at the left side of the play/stop/record block (only visible if midi transmissions occur)
  • New Multi-Mute switch on the Mixer view (as known from FX + Master)
  • New BPM indicator on the play button
  • New ‘Auto-Rearrange Sequence’ feature when changing the Time Signature (select the new Time Signature with long press)
  • Improved MIDI OUT timing stability
  • Various bugfixes in the MIDI handling
  • Bugfix: Fader tooltips now show the correct value when step editing an automation sequence while the sequencer is running (very special thanks to Peter for the bug report)
  • Many minor UI bugfixes
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Fixed several performance issues for devices running on Android 7.0 (very special thanks to Christof for reporting the problems)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • New Android M MIDI support for devices running on Android 6.0 or higher, including…
    - MIDI over USB (host + peripheral)
    - MIDI over Bluetooth LE (host)
    (BLE devices must be paired in the Android Bluetooth settings before you can use them in G-Stomper)
    The old MIDI driver remains as a fallback for devices running on older Android versions and for NON-class-compliant MIDI hardware.
  • Virtual IN/OUT Interfaces in the MIDI settings have been renamed to Virtual IN/OUT Ports
  • Prepared the app to run on Chromebooks
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Added progress bars for load/save operations on various file types
  • Several issues fixed in the persistency handling (file browser, loader, etc.)
  • Minor bugfixes in the factory sounds
  • Bugfixes in the unsaved changes tracker
  • Bugfixes in the sample pool
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.2 Release Notes:
  • New mechanism to keep track of unsaved changes (blue/red indicator below the record button)
  • New warnings in various situations to notify you before wiping/overwriting unsaved changes (special thanks to Tonedef)
  • New ‘Random Velocity’ feature for existing notes on the Poly Grid (long press the RANDOM button) (special thanks to Phap)
  • New ‘Generate Automation’ (by waveforms) feature for all automatable faders (located in the automation menus along with clear/init/auto-complete)
  • New ‘Randomize Automation’ feature for all automatable faders (located in the automation menus along with clear/init/auto-complete)
  • New: Sine Waveform added to all LFOs
  • All LFOs are now based on the same waveform generators as the Oscillators
  • New experimental support for multiple concurrent USB MIDI devices (special thanks to Dag)
  • Fixed the broken Reverse feature of the Poly Grid sequencer
  • Ins FX Solo now refreshes correctly on pattern load
  • Improved UI performance
  • Several rare crash bugs fixed
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Fully prepared the app to run on Android N
  • Added a new internal latency level (ultra low) for high powered devices (CPU Level 9 or higher)
  • Added a ‘Privacy Policy’ in the help section
  • Added the ability to ‘Invite Friends’ in the share and help section
  • Added a workaround for the Lenovo A7000 graphics driver bug on Android 6.x
  • Fixed a rare crash bug in the Automation recording
  • Fixed a problem in the Preset Reader
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Added a workaround for the Adreno 420 graphics driver bug on the Note 4 running Android 6.x
  • Several rare crash bugs fixed
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Added a workaround to get rid of the audio glitches on the Motorola Nexus 6 after not-touching the screen for a couple of seconds (while using OpenSL low latency audio output)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.1.2 Release Notes:
  • Added a ‘Single X-Delay’ to the FX List (Similar to X-Delay but with a Dry/Wet Mix instead of an LFO)
  • New Metronome Sound and setting to adjust its Volume (SETUP / SEQ / Metronome Volume)
  • Attached all Modulators over to the regular accuracy setting (no more exceptions)
  • Fixed several accuracy issues in the Envelopes (Decay + Release curves)
  • Overall clean up of the setup dialog
  • Simplified Key Velocity Range setting
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.1.1 Release Notes:
  • Poly Grid, Note Grid: The selected Notes can now be shifted horizontally (in the time axis)
  • New Dual X-Delay Effect with independent Delay Time for each Stereo channel
  • Stereo Delay + Stereo Delay II have been consolidated to one Effect
  • All Delay Effects are now available in the Channel Insert FX Units
  • Optimized the memory consumption of the FX Units
  • Better memory handling for low powered devices
  • Fine tuned the predefined Sustain Pedal Release time
  • Fixed the crash bug when loading old synth presets and the nr of synth tracks is set to 1
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Urgent Hot Fix in the Track Copy Framwork (special thanks to Mattias for reporting the bug)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Insert Effects per track: Each mixer channel got 2 dedicated insert FX slots
  • Removed the vocoders from the Sum FX in the Master section (these were listed there by accident)
  • Bugfix: The VA-Beast PCM loop editor now runs smoothly with all sample sizes (special thanks to JYNXY for the report)
  • Bugfix: The preview playback in the VA-Beast Sample selection now stops when closing the file browser (special thanks to JYNXY for the report)
  • Bugfix: The progress bar now stays active when the app goes to background while exporting
  • Fixed the frequency range of the Grand Piano samples in the middle octaves
  • Fixed the sizing of the tooltips in popup windows
  • Several improvements for smoother UI animation
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.0.5 Release Notes:
  • Added a setting to adjust the key velocity range of the VA-Beast Synth (SETUP / SYN / Key Velocity Range)
  • Removed the damping of the highest notes in the Grand Piano Presets for more authenticity
  • Added a new Grand Piano Preset with slight panning (lower notes left, higher notes right)
  • Fixed a bug in the MIDI handling which made the on screen sustain pedal to vanish
  • Fixed a bug in the progress dialogs which allowed unwanted touch interaction with the background while loading or saving
  • Fixed a rare crash bug in the main FX audio processing
  • Several minor UI bugs fixed
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.0.4 Release Notes:
  • All FX LFO waveforms are now invertible (long press the waveform selector to toggle ON/OFF)
  • Fixed a bug in the VA-Beast Sampler Module which made some notes to hang in some rare situations
  • Added a workaround for the Lenovo K3 Note graphics driver bug in latest Lenovo Android 6.0 update
  • Fixed a bug in the persistency handling which crashed the app in the case when the storage is temporary unavailable
  • Several minor bug fixes
  • Updated User Manual
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.0.3 Release Notes:
  • 4 new Effect types: Overdrive, Overdrive II, Saturation, Granulator
  • Fixed 2 rare crash bugs (special thanks for the reports)
  • Several minor bug fixes
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.0.2 Release Notes:
  • Fixed a layout issue in the mod wheel morph assignment for devices running on Android 4.2 and lower
  • Fixed a layout issue in the system info view
  • Prevented the app from crashing (due to a bug in the Samsung Android 5.1.1 update) when connecting USB MIDI hardware on certain Samsung devices running on Android 5.1.1
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.0.1 Release Notes:
  • Fixed a crash bug in the PCM loop editor (special thanks to El Nino for the report)
  • Fine tuned the default settings for low powered devices
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 5.0 Release Notes:

VA-Beast Synthesizer:

  • New New Multi-Sample based Synthesis for the VA-Beast Synthesizer (tap through the OSC waveforms until you reach PCM)
  • New SFZ Preset Importer, which lets you load .wav and .aif based SFZ files (Main Menu / IMP / VA Generic Preset (.sfz)
  • New free assignable Morph Group + onscreen Mod Wheel control on the Piano KB
  • New controls to customize the KB Pitch Wheel range (up/down independent, 0-24 semi tones)
  • New Sustain Pedal onscreen control on the Piano KB (multi-mode: Momentary, Toggle, Continuous)
  • 41 new PCM based, multi sampled Presets (Main Menu / LOAD / VA Factory Preset / PCM Based Presets)
  • Overall improved VA Factory Presets
  • Upgraded the complete Synthesizer core to Stereo
  • Fixed the velocity (absence) bug in the VA-Beast arpeggiator
  • Fixed the incomplete automation parameter selection of the VA-Beast Synth (filter2 + unison)
  • Added once extra voice per synth instance to avoid “hard cutting” when running out of voices


  • Fixed a memory leak in the Sample Pool
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the sample loader + persistency handling
  • Fixed a bug in the wav reader which prevented some rare bastardized header formats from working
  • Improved Sampler performance


  • Fixed a bug in the MIDI driver for MIDI interfaces with multiple interfaces pointing to the same usb endpoint
  • Fixed a crash bug in the MIDI device connector which forced the app to close in some rare situations (special thanks to Jesse for the report)
  • Fixed a bug in the RPN/NRPN input listener which prevented RPN/NRPN messages from working with multiple virtual interfaces


  • Memory Optimization for low powered devices
  • Improved FX Performance
  • New High Performance Stereo Filters
  • Fixed a Google Play Services incompatibility issue


  • Simplified Content Selection in the Data Copy Framework (boxed content selection)
  • Fixed a bug which forced the menu tabs to be in white color on some devices
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.5 Release Notes:


  • New Stereo Unison (up to 5 layers)
    The Unison allows you to multiply the generated waveforms up to 5 times while all are detuned and panned against each other. The result is a massive stereo-wide effect.
  • Secondary Filter section incl. a dedicated ADSR Envelope
    The secondary filter section has the same capabilities as the Filter 1. If you use both filters, you can switch the internal routing between serial (orig-signal > Filter1 > Filter2) and parallel (orig-signal > Filter1; orig-Signal > Filter2).
  • New OSC Mod Algorithm : FRES : Filter Resonance Modulation
    The Filter Resonance Modulation in the OSC MOD section is a new internal routing (similar to the filter hookup in a TB-303), which allows to modulate the Filter 1 Resonance with OSC2. This new wiring allows very high and well controllable resonant peaks.
  • Factory Presets updated with the new Unison and Filter capabilities
  • New Preset Info Display including a new Quick Preset Selector to simplify the browsing and loading of Presets
  • Fine tuning and slight re-arrangement of the Synth UI


  • Several minor bug fixes

User Manual:

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.4.1 Release Notes:


  • Fixed a bug in the File Browser which forced the browser to jump back to the root folder in some situations
  • Fixed a bug in the Recent Folder module which resulted in an incorrect sorting of the recent folder lists
  • Fixed a bug in the File Browser which resulted in an incorrect sorting of the Factory Sound Sets


  • Fine tuning in the Vocoder internal amplifier levels


  • New Auto-Save/Restore feature which temporary saves (and later restores) your work when G-Stomper goes to the background, e.g. when pressing the home button or when getting a phone call during a jam session
  • New Auto-Save & Exit option when leaving the app
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the loading of the custom initial pattern in embedded format


  • New shading in the Poly Grid sequencer to make it easier to enter the correct notes (special thanks to Branis for the suggestion)


  • The DEMO starts now without the demo pattern loaded and can auto-save and load the current work

User Manual:

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.4 Release Notes:


  • New MIDI export for Patterns (Main Menu / EXP / Pattern as MIDI)
    Generally only Tracks with audible content are included in a MIDI Export. In other words, muted Tracks and Tracks without a main Sequence will be excluded.
    Automations are only exported, if the automated parameter is mapped to a MIDI CC in the MIDI Setup.
  • Bugfix: Continuously incoming NoteON/OFF messages of the same note are now handled correctly


  • 7 New FX types:
    Transient Shaper
    Compressor/Limiter II
    Vocoder A (8-Band)
    Vocoder B (8-Band)
    Vocoder C (8-Band)
    Vocoder D (8-Band)
    All new FX types are side-chainable, which means they have 2 inputs (in the regular FX chain).
    In case of the Vocoders, the normal input 1 is the Modulator (voice) signal, while the input 2 is the Carrier (synth) signal.
    If you don’t send a Carrier (Synth) signal to input 2 of a Vocoder, then an internal Carrier is generated (static at note C2).
  • Overall Compressor/Limiter algorithms improved
  • Fixed a bug in the LFOs which prevented the LFOs from being properly reset in some rare situations (very special thanks to Peter and Jan for their report and help)

Audio & Audio related:

  • More control over the internal audio latency (see Setup/AUD/Internal Latency)
  • Lower latency for devices with OpenSL support


  • Automatic file backup (in form of a …_BAK file) whenever you save a Pattern or Synth Preset (see Setup / GEN / Automatic file Backup)


  • Added full support for Android M (6.0), including the new Android M Permission model
  • Devices with the Adreno 420 GPU (e.g. Nexus 6) will be back on full speed with Android M (Google fixed the driver Bug in the latest M release)
  • Added a new ECO mode in the graphics cache for devices with ultra high screen resolutions and low memory specs (e.g. Kindle Tablets)

User Manual:

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.3.2 Release Notes:
  • Fixed a bug in the MIDI OUT transmission, which made particular Notes to hang in some situations
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.3.1 Release Notes:
  • Minor bug fixes
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.3 Release Notes:


  • Full round-trip MIDI (IN/OUT) integration: Hook up MIDI capable Samplers and Synthesizers, send MIDI feedback to your MIDI feedback capable MIDI Controller (e.g. such with flashing Pads like the AKAI MPK225, with Motor Faders or with LED based Knobs or Faders)
  • Added support for Virtual MIDI Interfaces to address more than 16 channels
  • Added MIDI channel (+Virtual MIDI Interface) learn capability
  • New switch to set a Track as “MIDI Instrument” (internal Sound OFF)
  • Full MIDI Clock Sync integration (IN/OUT)
  • Latency compensated start over MIDI (IN/OUT)
  • Latency compensated MIDI transmission (OUT)
  • The Connected MIDI device is now shown in the setup dialog
  • Fixed a bug in the MIDI device attachment routine (re-connection device name problem)
  • Fixed a bug in the MIDI device connector which made some MIDI interfaces to fail, e.g. AKAI MPK mini (very special thanks to AndreasH, JasonT and Rej for their reports and help to fix this bug)
  • Minor changes in the VA-Beast default CC Mappings


  • Improved Automation recording when recording over existing Automations

Audio & Audio related:

  • VU-meters integrated (each Mixer Channel + EQ, each FX in/out, each sumFX in/out, Master in/out + EX, Main Out)
  • New “Stop All Sounds” (overall panic) function on the Stop Button
  • Fixed a bug in the Waveshaper effect which occurred when the input signal was close to silence

File Manager:

  • Confirm Name with enter key on the virtual keyboard
  • Proper error message for the case when the device storage is full
  • Allowed accented characters for file names
  • Audio Export is now possible to every location, also to additional SD cards
  • Automatically step into new created folders
  • Increased the max file name length to 50

General UI:

  • New Fader/XY-Pad Sticky Mode (long press ‘fine tune’ to enable)
  • New Ultra Bright Outdoor color scheme (Setup / Color Scheme)
  • Tooltips for Track labels with too long names (tap the track label to show up)
  • Fixed the popup animation of the Parametric EQ


  • Added standard share ability for exported audio files
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes

User Manual:

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.2 Release Notes:


  • Full MIDI-IN support (VA-Beast, FX, Master, T&M, Sequencer)
  • Full MIDI learn functionality: CC and Key Mappings (be sure to check out Setup > MIDI)
  • Added MIDI Start/Sync Latency compensation

Timing & Measure:

  • Improved Tempo/BPM controls (touch the green display to change the slider/button division)


  • Renamed the Vibrato Effect in the FX section to Tremolo (that’s what it actually is)


  • New tabbed Menu structure in the setup dialog
  • Overall improved UI Performance
  • Visual feedback for Piano Keys when played over MIDI
  • Visual feedback for Piano Keys when a sequence is running


  • Optimizations for devices with low memory limitations
  • Adreno 420 graphics chip/Android 5+ crash bug fixed
  • Several bug fixes in the sequencer handling

User Manual:

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.1.3 Release Notes:
  • Showing the proper MIDI device brand/model (when connected) on Android 3.2 or higher
  • Integrated Auto Reverse Orientation to turn Upside Down automatically using the gravity sensors (can be turned off in the setup dialog)
  • Fixed a crash bug which occurs on several devices running Android 5.1 (very special thanks to Riccardo and Steven for their reports)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.1.2 Release Notes:
  • File types properly associated (to be able to load from file system + mail attachments)
    Simply click the G-Stomper files directly in your favorite file manager as well as in mail attachments to load them (full version only).
  • Fixed a backward compatibility issue with old file formats from v1.x
  • Integration of Google Analytics
    (Please check the Privacy Policy for details)
  • Several minor bugfixes
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.1.1 Release Notes:
  • Minor bugfix in the initialization process
  • G-Stomper VA-Beast DEMO only: Integration of Google Analytics
    (Please check the Privacy Policy for details)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.1 Release Notes:

New overall menu structure:

  • Consolidated main menu on all screens
  • New Track, Automation, View and Track Mode Menus
  • Poly Grid: New Grid Config menu (default Note length, default velocity, play on touch ON/OFF)
  • Note Grid: New Grid Config menu (play on touch ON/OFF)
  • New quick access to the Mixer on all sequencer, synth views
  • Bugfix: Filebrowser folder path and recent folders are now shortened and shown with dots in the middle if too long
  • Bugfix: Filebrowser create folder checks now if directory exists already

Audio Engine:

  • Introduced low latency support for all 1.4ghz+ Quad-Core devices running on Android 4.2 or higher (Setup dialog / Audio / Audio System / set to OpenSL)
  • Enabled the realtime playback while live recording for all devices with an audio latency of 40ms or lower.
  • Added manual Latency compensation to the audio section of the setup dialog
  • Added 64bit cpu detection


  • Bugfix: Minor timing inaccuracy fixed (special thanks to Jan for reporting this problem)


  • Added a dedicated MIDI channel for the currently selected VA-Beast Track

Audio Export:

  • Multi Track selection for Sum and Track separated export
  • Muted tracks and tracks without any sequence are now automatically excluded when exporting Patterns

Copy Framework:

  • Copy Individual Bars/Positions is now integrated in the regular Copy framework (Copy Track Content)
  • Copy/Paste: Paste now with short and long click
  • Bugfix: Auto-Clone Bars Mode, minor bug fixed in copy algorithm

General UI:

  • Timing & Measure BPM button handling switched: new >> short click +/- 1, long click +/- 0.1
  • Timing & Measure labels changed: ‘Last Step’ to ‘Steps per Bar’, ‘length’ to ‘Leng in Bars’
  • Added a Panic button on the VA-Beast full size piano
  • Bugfix: Landscape Mode, Lock/Unlock orientation bug fixed, G-Stomper now returns to the correct screen after unlocking the device
  • Bugfix: Track texts are now shortened and shown with dots in the middle if too long
  • Bugfix: Tooltips positioning fixed in landscape mode when letterbox is enabled
  • Bugfix: EQ size fixed in portrait mode when letterbox is enabled

User Manual:

Huge thanks to all the beta testers, your help is really appreciated.

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.0.4 Release Notes:
  • Minimum Tempo lowered to 30bpm
  • Track Pads added on VA-Beast Full-Size Piano.
    Now you can switch between the tracks as well as load patterns while using the full size piano.
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.0.3 Release Notes:
  • Improved timing for Live(Tap) Recording
  • NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Android 5 crash bug fixed
    Fixes the NVIDIA SHIELD Android 5 bug which caused a crash on the main screen right after the sequencer start.
  • Minor UI Bugfixes

Very special thanks to Scott for reporting the NVIDIA SHIELD bug

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.0.2 Release Notes:
  • Letterbox for devices with exotic screen proportions (e.g. Nexus 9 with 4:3)
  • Accurate CPU detection (required for optimal initial settings)
    Adjustments for high powered Dual-Core Devices.
  • Experimental Low-Latency Audio System for high powered devices with low-latency support running on Android 4.4 and higher, e.g. Nexus 5/7/9.
    (appears in “Setup / Audio” if available)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.0.1 Release Notes:
  • Android 5.0 compatibility upgrade
    Fixes the UI performance issue when using the Portrait Mode on Android 5.0
    Several minor UI bug fixes for Android 5.0
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 4.0 Release Notes:
  • New redesigned Graphical User Interface
    Complete new graphical design.
    Zillions of UI optimizations and bug fixes.
  • New overall file handling
    All File Dialogs have been replaced by a new File Browser, which allows you to organize all your user files in folder structures.
  • New custom initial Pattern
    Save you own init pattern to be used in every case when a new initial pattern is created.
    Simply save your desired init pattern with the name ‘-init-’.
  • New optimized Export Process + Post Processing
    Generally the Export Process has been re-organized.
    Furthermore you get a new ‘Post Processing’ option in the Export Format Dialog, where you can choose Normalize the exported audio to -0dB (max volume).
  • New Mixer Volume Link Mode (Mixer view)
    We all know this situation when you want to make a particular track louder, but it is at max volume already.
    The only ‘proper’ way to achieve this is to lower all other channel volumes, which usually results in messing the mix up.
    Not any longer… , you can now link the mixer channel volumes to raise or lower all channels at once while keeping the relation of volumes between the channels (long press the ‘VOL’ button to enable/disable).
    When enabled, you can move any Volume Fader you want and all others follow while keeping the mix intact.
    Try it, you’ll definitely love that feature.
  • Full MIDI support for the VA-Beast Synth
    Check out the MIDI Documentation for further details.
  • Updated Documentation

Very special thanks to:
JYNXY for creating 3 brilliant tracks for the Promo Videos
Ron for the flood of ideas, including Fill-In algorithm, Roll internal Accent, Export Normalization, Mixer Improvement, and more..
The guys from Voger Design for creating and realizing a mindblowing graphical concept
Damien for his help with the OpenSL integration
All members of the G-Stomper BETA Community for their help during the beta tests

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 3.3.2 Release Notes:
  • New User Manual (online + PDF): Click Help / Documentation
    Please notice that not all Chapters are finished yet, the unfinished Chapters will follow soon.
  • Pattern Audio Export supports now multiple Loop Cycles
    You can now select the number of cycles you want to export from a particluar Pattern.
  • Multiple Parameter selections for Clear/Init/Auto-Complete Automation
    You’re now able to select multiple Parameters at once when you Clear, Init, or Auto-Complete Automations.
  • Improved Auto-Clone Bars functionality: Step-Edit + Poly Grid
    Selections on the Poly Grid get now cloned when Auto-Clone Bars is enabled
    Parameter Changes in Step Edit Mode get now cloned when Auto-Clone Bars is enabled
  • New Buttons to turn the Fine Tune Mode ON/OFF
    (FX Edit, Master Edit, Mixer)
  • New Step Edit Auto-Init Steps Mode (long press Step Edit = ON/OFF)
    Since the fine tune got its own buttons in this release, the step edit buttons got the long click freed for a new useful feature, the Step Edit Auto-Init Steps Mode.
    Simply long click the Step Edit Buttons to turn it ON/OFF.What does the Auto-Init Steps Mode:
    In Step Edit – Normal Mode, if you create a single Automation event (set a Parameter value at a particular Step), then the Parameter gets set at this Step and it keeps its value until some later Step sets a new value. The Parameter actually keeps the value, because there’s no other Event in the Sequence, which sets another value.
    Depending on what you want to achieve, this behaviour might be essential, e.g. if you want to set Key Steps for the Auto-Complete Parameter Automation feature.In Step Edit – Normal Mode (if Auto-Init Steps is OFF), if you create a single Automation event (set a Parameter value at a particular Step), then the Parameter gets set at this Step and it keeps its value until some later Step sets a new value. The Parameter actually keeps the value, because there’s no other Event in the Sequence, which sets another value.
    Depending on what you want to achieve, this behaviour might be essential, e.g. if you want to set Key Steps for the Auto-Complete Parameter Automation feature.

    In other situations it might be better to initialize all Steps with the base value of a particular Parameter first, e.g. if you want to keep a Parameter value over the complete Pattern length and you only want to change it on a particular Step.
    In previous versions, the only way to achieve this was to explicitly initialize the Automation for a particular Parameter.

    With the latest version, you don’t have manually initialize anymore.
    With Auto-Init Steps Mode turned ON, if you create a single Automation event (set a Parameter value at a particular Step), then the Automation Sequence of the Parameter gets automatically initialized before the Step values gets set.

    1. Start with a fresh Pattern
    2. Select Track T01
    3. Set the Volume fader to 100
    4. Short click the Step Edit Button to turn the Step Edit Mode ON
    5. Then long click the Step Edit button to turn the Auto-Init Steps Mode ON as well
    6. Select Step 09 using the Step Buttons
    7. On Step 09, set the Volume fader to 0(zero).
    8. Now short click the Step Edit Button to turn the Step Edit Mode OFF
    9. Press Play and watch the Volume fader

    For more details about the Auto-Init Steps mode, click Help / Documentation / 12 Parameter Automation / Step Edit Automations

  • The Synthesizer Main Piano-Roll Octave is now in sync with the Poly Grid
  • Minor UI Label Changes
  • Brought the version number in sync with G-Stomper Studio

Very special thanks to:
Ron for great bunch of excellent ideas, including the Auto-Clone feature and all its improvements.
Jan for suggesting the multiple Parameter selections for Clear/Init/Auto-Complete Automation

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.6.1 Release Notes:
  • Fixed a crash bug on the poly grid sequencer
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.6 Release Notes:
  • Completely re-arranged and more intuitive Layout for all screens
    Everything has been moved to the right place and properly resized.
    Non-self explaining controls have been properly labeled.
  • New additional flat design (Selectable in the ‘Setup dialog / Layout / Theme’)
    This release comes with a new additional flat design, which can be selected if form of a ‘Theme’ in the Layout section of the Setup dialog.
    Be sure to check the new flat design out, it gives the complete app a new different look.
  • Active Track Labels on all related screens
    New active labels which indicate if a particular track is open or closed
  • Pattern Name Labels for all Pattern Slots on the Pattern Set
  • Dynamic colorization for multi functional faders
    When switching the FX parameters from p1+2 to p3+4 for example, then the fader bars get colorized depending on their function (1st function = blue, 2nd function = red).
    If p1+2 is activ, then you control the blue bars + the fader thumb has a blue color mark
    If p3+4 is active, then you control the red bars + the fader thumb has a red color mark
    As a matter of course, the X-Y pads got the same behavior. 1st function controls the blue cross, 2nd function controls the red cross.
  • Standardized Label notation
    All Labels have been changed to normal (non-italic) uppercase letters.
  • Overall 20-30% better UI performance
    The new User Interface uses less memory as well as less cpu, so you get 20-30% more head room for audio processing.
  • Many UI bugs fixed

Very special thanks to Jan for his reports.

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.5.2 Release Notes:
  • All Piano Keyboards got note labels
  • New setting to change the overall fader + XY-Pad behavior to “relative”.
    With this setting enabled, the faders and XY-Pads work in a relative mode, which means wherever you touch the control, all moments start relative to the touch position (the absolute position is not set on touch).
  • New XY-Pads for Filter, EFX and Master EFX (tap the new X-Y switch above the EFX and filter to enable)
  • Overall Graphics improvement (technical preparation for the upcoming re-design). The tuned graphics are much more accurate and use less memory.
  • The Mod Active switches have been removed from the screens. These switches came from the time of the single core devices and are no longer required.
  • New Pattern menu on Efx, Master and Timing & Measure (+ the long press quick pattern set navigator as on all pattern menus)

Very special thanks to Jan for his help during the beta tests.

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.5.1 Release Notes:
  • High quality parametric (3-band) Equalizer in the master section to finalize the mix
  • Position Controls: New bidirectional chain mode for the bar/position: Edit Pos <> Play Pos (long press “loop” to enable/disable)
  • ‘Pattern Config’ was renamed to ‘Timing & Measure’
  • Timing & Measure: New Tempo controls for manual beat matching with turntables or other DJ equipment
  • Fixed a clipping bug in the Equalizers
  • Fixed a Glide bug on the Piano Keyboards

Very special thanks to Josh, Jan and Eric for their suggestions.

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.5 Release Notes:


  • Auto-Clone Bars: Auto-Clone new created Triggers and Notes to all bars (long press the position LEDs to enable/disable).
  • Step Shift: Full Bar Shift (long press)
  • Note Shift: Full Octave Shift (long press)
  • Poly Grid: New Invert Notes feature
  • Enabled automation recording via MIDI (for now it’s just ModWheel and PitchBend, more will follow soon, this is part of the preparations for full MIDI support)

VA-Beast Synthesizer:

  • New Pitch Bend control on the piano keyboards
  • Changed the Pitch Bend Touch behavior from ‘absolute’ to ‘relative’ for smoother transitions (no more parameter jumps)
  • Fixed a crash bug when assigning VA-Beast Mod Env 3 to LFO Amnt/Rate
  • Minor BugFixes in the Synthesizer automation


  • High quality parametric (3-band) Equalizers for all Mixer Channels (per Band on/off switch, low and high band can be switched between shelf and peak)

Copy Framework:

  • Clear Track Content: selective content support (like Copy Track Content)
  • Minor bugfixes in the data copy framework


  • New Setting which allows to change the position of the Main view in Portrait Mode
  • Fixed a bug which made the nav bar sticky in immersive mode in some rare situations
  • Alert icon for the Clear and Delete Dialogs
  • Overall dialog sizes fine tuning
  • Minor bugfixes in the UI
  • Minor bugfixes in the Audio Core
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.4.2 Release Notes:
  • Added circular navigation on the position controls (special thanks to sebasaturn for the hint)
  • Several minor bugfixes in the UI
  • Memory optimizaton for low powered devices
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.4.1 Release Notes:
  • New Play mode for the Track Pads on the EFX and Master view for easier efx tuning (special thanks to Donald for the hint)
  • Fixed a bug which occasionally made the filters to collapse when using the lowest sample rate (special thanks to Jan for reporting the bug)
  • Fixed minor bugs in the settings dialog
  • Fixed a minor bug in the synthesizer initialization
  • Added a hidden switch to override the automatic selection of the graphics resolution (feel free to ask, if you need it)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.4 Release Notes:

New features:

  • New Bar Position indicator: left side of LED bars
  • New Track Copy framework: Selective Track Content (Sound, main Sequence, Param. Automation)
  • New Auto Fade-In/Fade-Out feature for Track- and Master Volume
  • Added a 2nd sum EFX at the master section

UI improvments:

  • Enabled the new immersive full screen mode for Android 4.4 devices
  • New theme for all dialogs and menus
  • New iconic buttons
  • New LED graphics
  • Graphics resolution fixed for all VA-Beast buttons


  • Minor Bugfixes in the Pattern loader
  • Disabled System Sound effects for all button clicks
  • Memory optimizaton for low powered devices

Very special thanks to Donald for his suggestions and his help during the beta tests.

G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.3.7 Release Notes:
  • High resolution graphics for full hd phones
  • High resolution program icons
  • Automation problem fixed on Synthesizer Mixer Tracks (VTx)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Improved startup speed (special thanks to Rodney for the report)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.3.6 Release Notes:
  • New (rebuilt) HQ-Wave-Generators for the VA-Beast Synthesizer to get rid of the aliasing/ghost frequencies in the upper octaves (huge thank you to Rej from Caustic for his help)
  • 2 new Delay Effects (special thanks to J from EIP Studios)
    Stereo Delay with 2 independent Pan Faders for the first two taps .
    Stereo Delay II with a Pan Fader for the first Tap + a dry/wet Mix controller.
    On both Delays all following Taps act as Ping Pong depending on your Pan settings.
  • Added a new LFO/Envelolpe accuracy setting in the settings dialog, which let you define in what rate the Modulators (LFOs and Envelopes) should run (special thanks to Marcos)
  • Minor issues fixed in the Envelopes (ADSR + AD)
  • Improved (faster) Persistency handling
    Loading files: up to 10 times faster
    Saving files: up to 30 times faster
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer Release Notes:
  • Fixed a crash bug in the synthesizer core
  • Minor GUI bugfixes
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.3.5 Release Notes:
  • New fail save mode in the file persistency handling
  • Long click on the bpm text on the main screen resets the tempo to the defined default bpm
  • Fixed a crash bug in the audio engine (very special thanks to Marcos Pulsar)
  • Fixed rare licensing problems right after the installation (special thanks to Olivier)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.3.4 Release Notes:
  • Overall polished GUI
  • 2 New High Quality Reverb effects
  • A new ‘Use higher Audio Latency’ setting
  • Dual-Core Devices run now at 32000Hz Sample Rate by default (can be changed in the settings dialog)
  • Minor Bug fixes in the automation handling
  • Minor Bug fixes in the GUI
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.3.3 Release Notes:
  • Fixed a bug which created silent gaps in audio exports on some sample rates
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.3.2 Release Notes:
  • Audio Engine can now run on Sample Rates from 18kHz – 96kHz
  • New High End Audio Export formats up to 32bit 96kHz (full version)
  • BitCrusher Effect Max Sample Rate is now fixed at 44100Hz
  • Fixed a rare crash bug when navigating between views on running sequencer (landscape mode)
G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer 1.3 Release Notes:
  • VA-Beast Poly Grid (Polyphonic Step Sequencer with up to 12 tracks)
    Polyphonic Sequencing: Up to 10 concurrent voices per Track
    Variable Note length: 1..128
    Variable Velocity: 0..127
    Selective Note Shifting and editing.
  • New double size piano (long click the piano keys button to enable/disable)
  • VA-Beast Full-Size Piano (landscape and portrait view), a view with 2 full size Piano Rolls, each with independent octave settings.
  • VA-Beast Synthesizer Multitimbrality (up to 12 times)
  • Full Motion Sequencing support for Faders
  • New Mixer and Pattern Config views like in G-Stomper Beat Studio
  • Enhanced USB Midi Support
    You can map up to 12 different midi channels to the different synthesizer tracks.
    Support for: Midi Clock, Start, Stop, Continue, NoteOn/Off, Velocity, ModWheel and PitchBend.
  • WAV File Export, 8..32bit (Sum and Track separated)
  • SoundCloud upload integration
  • Variable Sample Rate (settings dialog: Audio)