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17.4 Overview

The Graphical Multi-Track Song Arranger in G-Stomper Producer provides up to 39 tracks. That is, up to 24 Drum Sampler Tracks, up to 12 VA-Beast Synthesizer Tracks, a dedicated Tempo Track, a Send FX Track, and a Master Tack.

How many Drum Sampler Tracks and VA-Beast Tracks you actually see in the Song Arranger depends on your G-Stomper Producer Settings. By default, in most cases, you’ll have 12 Drum Sampler Tracks and 5 VA-Beast Synthesizer Tracks.


Before looking at the editor features in detail, let's take a quick look at the general handling of the Song Arranger interface.


17.4.1 Track Headers17.4.2 Scroll17.4.3 Zoom17.4.4 Horizontal Scale17.4.5 Markers & Cursor17.4.6 Loop between Markers17.4.7 Quantum Grid Lines17.4.8 Editor Grid Snap-In Modes17.4.9 Song Events

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