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21.4 How to use the Sounds provided by the Add-On Packs


21.4.1 G-Stomper Sound Sets21.4.1.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Producer21.4.1.2 G-Stomper Rhythm21.4.2 Audio Samples21.4.2.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm21.4.2.2 G-Stomper Producer21.4.3 G-Stomper VA-Beast Presets21.4.3.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Producer, G-Stomper VA-Beast21.4.4 G-Stomper Studio, Rhythm, VA-Beast Patterns21.4.4.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm, G-Stomper VA-Beast21.4.4.2 G-Stomper Producer21.4.5 G-Stomepr Studio Pattern Sets21.4.5.1 G-Stomper Studio21.4.5.2 G-Stomper Producer21.4.6 G-Stomper Producer Scenes21.4.6.1 G-Stomper Producer21.4.7 G-Stomper Producer Projects21.4.7.1 G-Stomper Producer

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