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23 Ableton Link

Ableton Link is a technology that synchronizes musical beat, tempo, phase, and start/stop commands across multiple Link-enabled applications running on one or more devices. Applications on devices connected to the a local (wireless) network discover each other automatically and form a musical session in which each participant can perform independently: anyone can start or stop while still staying in time. Anyone can change the tempo, the others will follow. Anyone can join or leave without disrupting the session.

All G-Stomper host apps have Ableton Link integrated.

G-Stomper Studio

G-Stomper VA-Beast

G-Stomper Rhythm

G-Stomper Producer

Read more about Ableton Link: https://www.ableton.com/en/link/


23.1 System Requirements23.2 How to use Ableton Link23.2.1 Enable Ableton Link23.2.2 Start/Stop Sync23.2.3 Latency Compensation23.3 Play in Sync while in Background

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