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7.3.6 Sampler Drum Pads


The Sampler Drum Pads provide 24 Pads to be used for live playing. Since the Drum Pads are in fact a specialized form of the Sampler Track Pads, they can also be used like regular Sampler Track Pads, e.g. to mute/un-mute, solo/un-solo, load samples, etc.

(for details see Chapter: Sampler Track Pads T01 - T24)

The advantage of the Drum Pads is that you see all 24 Sampler Tracks at once.

Furthermore the Drum Pads react “on Touch” in all Track Pad Modes except Play/Menu. (see Chapter: Sampler Track Pad Mode)

Reacting “on Touch” is much more direct than the normal “on Click” behaviour and therefore more suitable for Drum Pads.


On the Drum Pads, long clicks are only supported in Play/Menu Track Pad Mode. (see Chapter: Sampler Track Pad Mode)

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