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7.3.5 Sampler Track Pad Instant (on Touch) Mode (Main Drum Machine)

On the Main Drum Machine, you have the possibility to change the main behaviour of the Track Pads from normal click to “on Touch”.

Normal behaviour:

The Track Pads react to a regular click, which means in fact when you release a Track Pad (a click from a technical point of view is always a combination of touch and release).

Instant (on Touch) behaviour:

The Track Pads react on touch rather than on release. This is, especially in a live situation, much faster and more direct.

Note: In Instant Mode, long click is not possible due to technical reasons

To switch between Normal and Instant (on Touch) behaviour, long press the scroll button.



This switch is available exclusively for the Track Pads on the Main Drum Machine.

On all other screens the Track Pad behaviour is automatically set to the most suitable setting for the particular modes.

Sampler Drum Pads : All Modes except Play/Menu behave on Touch Track Pads on FX and Master : All Modes behave on Touch

Sampler Track Grid, Note Grid : All Modes except Play(live) and Rhythm Arp behave Normal (on Click)

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