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19.2 Install Add-On Packs

1. Make sure you have the latest G-Stomper Studio (full), G-Stomper Rhythm (free) or G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer (standalone) installed.

2. Download and install the Add-On Pack from Store like every other App.

3. Start the Add-On Pack App.

4. Press the Install Button (inside Add-On Pack App) to install the additional Content to the

G-Stomper folders. To remove an already installed Pack from the folders press Remove (on some older packs the Remove button might be labeled “Un-Install”.



Add-On Packs can contain Sound Sets, Samples, Synthesizer Presets, Patterns or Pattern Sets in any combination. The description, which is provided in the Add-On Pack Installer App, explains how to access and use the Pack Content in G-Stomper.

5. Quit the Add-On Pack Installer App get back to G-Stomper

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