Export to open source DawProject format, or Collect All and Save

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Export to open source DawProject format, or Collect All and Save

Postby 17hex » Wed Dec 29, 2021 4:25 pm

Hi! I am a longtime Bitwig Studio user and a back-again G-Stomper Producer user. I love G-Stomper (I like to think of it as a workstation synthesizer app for my tablet, which is just an amazing idea in every way), and would love a more fluid way to take the things i do in G-SP and bring them "together" into Bitwig. I recently discovered that Bitwig's .bwproject file format is actually Open Source(!) and maintained by them as the DawProject format. This seems like a PERFECT way for G-SP to support exporting its projects to other DAWs. PLEASE?! :-)

If that's not feasible, a feature that Bitwig has which would be awesome in G-SP is "Collect All and Save". It works like this:
1. create a folder named after the project
2. collect all the samples and midi files or whatever external media and copy them into subfolders of that folder
3. update the project file to point at the newly-collected media
4. save a copy of said project file into said folder
* an option to archive (.zip? .7z?) said folder would also be good.
* also then presenting a "share" dialog so the user doesn't have to search for the archive file would be nice

Either way, these features would go a LONG way toward integrating G-SP into more Producers' workflow.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for making such a great music app!

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Re: Export to open source DawProject format, or Collect All and Save

Postby planet-h » Mon Jan 10, 2022 5:27 pm

Thanks for your message, 17hex.
I fully understand your request, and I surely see the use of it.
But for several reason it was decided in the past not to provide that feature.

At the end, this is what the multi pattern exporter is for ==> Main Menu / EXP / Multiple Patterns as audio / ... export track stems
I know this is not exactly what you're looking for, but this is what G-Stomper provides.

Sorry for not having a better answer.

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