G-Stomper 2.6.7 has been released!

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G-Stomper 2.6.7 has been released!

Postby planet-h » Sat Jul 20, 2013 9:07 am

Hi there
Athough 2.6.6 was supposed to be the last release before the summer break....

Here is G-Stomper Beat Studio 2.6.7:

New Clear Pattern Sequence functions in Pattern Menu (this will keep the sounds/effect selections and their parameters)
New Clear Track Sequence functions in Track Menus (this will keep the sound and its parameters)
Since many people asked for this >> New Tempo/BPM Fader on the main screen (with finetune mode support, long click on step ed to turn it ON/OFF)
New Error-Correction in the sample loader to take care of corrupt wav or aif headers

Fixed a timing bug when changing the tempo on running sequencer, which produced crashes in some rare situations as well as inacurrate sounding results
Fixed a timing bug when using extended pattern changes between patterns with different bpm settings

Special Thanks to Dave Dominey for his bug report and Lenznet1234 for his suggestions

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