FBV Express Mkii - stomper !

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FBV Express Mkii - stomper !

Postby lonbluster » Thu May 28, 2020 11:33 am

Just another topic for my new Gstomper tool, the FBV.
Finally I could recover the time lost with the Airturn , I had to give it back, cause the support on Android is very poor.

I managed to configure a nice setup on the FBV with Loop, T1 play, MultiMute, TapTempo on the footswitches.
On the pedals Eq out control, SumFx1 P1, and Bypass SumFX1.

I'd like to know all tips and tricks for Gstomper with FBV.
I particular I noticed:
- I couldn't configure a next CC, for instance for FX Type. I could only configure 2 CC values for up/down switch, or a single fixed CC value.
- The FBV on Windows provides 4 MIDI devices (supposedly banks for the Line 6 amps), not so on Android (not sure), and it seems I can't change bank. So I wonder if I could switch bank of Midi Settings in Gstomper. Or I will be wondering if I could have 4 times more commands with a bank switch on the FBV. Also I wonder if I can plug the same FBV to 2 Gstomper phones and switch between the 2 in some way.

More points coming.

Anyway the start was impressive, being able to control volume, and all the above mentioned, as I play guitar being feels like I am becaming also a Gstomper player now. I am back! :ugeek:
Posts: 58
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Re: FBV Express Mkii - stomper !

Postby lonbluster » Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:53 am

The tap tempo works better on the FBV than with the Akai lpd8 wireless, but still sometimes it just doesn't pick it up right !

Any trick about setting the tempo right on the first attempt? It seems working better if I do Stop or change volume, but still I don't get it, sometime I have to close Gstomper.

On the Akai I tried to put one with Momentary cc, another with Toggle, and both fail more often than with the FBV.

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