8 bars in 3/4

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8 bars in 3/4

Postby synth » Sun Nov 27, 2022 6:58 pm

What a fantastic app! The rhythmical freedom in G-Stomp Producer is one of a kind, thank you for that! What I don't understand: If I choose 4/4 in the time signature wizard, the "len in bars" can be varied from 1 to 8 without affecting the time signature. Shouldn't it behave the same with, for example, 3/4? When I set time signature to 3/4 and change the len in bars, the time signature doesn't stay the same. Choosing 8 bars will turn the time signature from 3/4 to 4/4, me then manually changing the time signature back to 3/4 will set the len in bars back to 1. Are 8 3/4 bars illegal or something? ;) Thank you!
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Re: 8 bars in 3/4

Postby planet-h » Sun Nov 27, 2022 8:05 pm

Welcome to the forum, synth.
Thanks a lot for the kind words about G-Stomper Producer. That's much appreciated.

To answer your question. Surely are 8 bars of 3/4 not illegal.
The time signature wizard just generates a starting point in the drum machine way, based on a math calculation. And this is 1 bar. You can of course use any combination by setting the steps per bar and length in bars manually.

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