Troubles with akai lpk25 and samsung marshmallow?

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Re: Troubles with akai lpk25 and samsung marshmallow?

Postby pie » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:16 pm

So after you did that, it just works in G-Stomper?

yes, unfortunately I lost track of the settings I modified in gstomper over time.. :)
If this may help someone:
I have everything set to Receive in MIDI TRANSMISSION tab
Default IN port: 01 Default OUT port: none

use Bluetooth MIDI controllers.

As soon as I can afford one :D

how's your latency now? Faster?

I still have a bit of latency playing by hand: but nothing compared to what I had before. ;) it's my device though, because I have the same latency on another app using midi. I fear that there are no other settings to adjust.

Thank you
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Re: Troubles with akai lpk25 and samsung marshmallow?

Postby planet-h » Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:21 am

Folkdisco wrote:My understanding is that it is possible to charge a phone/tablet, but only at a very reduced rate while OTG is active. More like preventing battery drain. And you sometimes have to 'persuade' devices to do it, by plugging in the correct order, restarting, etc. I think it's probably easier to power your controller than charge your phone.

Check out the Delock 4 Port USB Type C Hub with and Power Delivery
(requires a device with an USB Type C connector + Android 6.0.1)

We've just published a working solution for devices with an USB Type C connector at our MIDI Info Page.

On older devices with a Micro USB connector, it is technically impossible (at least officially) to charge your device while USB hardware is connected.

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