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Pattern overlap

Postby dag » Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:25 am

I mentioned this as a missing feature in my review on Google Play and was corrected, but I actually still haven't figured out how it's done. Perhaps I was misunderstood to be looking for the "Allow long playing Samples to overlap Pattern Changes" setting?

So basically what I'm looking for is something like this: say I have a drum beat set up in the A-01 pattern and various melodic parts in patterns A-02, A-03, A-04. Now I want to arrange a song such that A-01 is looping in the background while I play the melody patterns. In Caustic for example, this is easily done in the pattern sequencer by dragging the drum pattern to cover the time of the arrangement of the melody patterns. Unless I'm missing something, in G-Stomper I would need to copy the "Sampler Sequences" of the drum pattern to each of the melody patterns, which works, but means that changes aren't reflected in the copies etc, and changes in the arrangement take much more manual (and more error-prone) labour.

So what I mean by overlap is, being able to arrange for patterns to play simultaneously, "overlapping" each other:


(Not trying to plug a competitor here; both are great apps with their own merits.)
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Re: Pattern overlap

Postby planet-h » Wed Aug 10, 2016 7:01 am

Thanks for the explanation, Dag.
Yes, you're right, this is not possible in GSS.

The pattern arranger in GSS follows a strict groovebox concept, which cannot be changed to the way you describe.

But it might be that I'll release an "arranger" app in the future, which will let you arrange the patterns per track.
Such an app would be able to load GSS patterns while splitting the patterns up by track. That means every Track/Instrument would have its own pattern.
But for now that is only an idea, there are no concrete plans yet and so no e.t.a.

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