Getting rid of Latency

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Getting rid of Latency

Postby Stringbender » Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:06 am

At the risk of briging up a toured subject, I have decided to mention this because I was giving up hope that live midi performance was not going to be possible with the way that a Droid devices currently process large midi/audio mixes.
I am using the Galaxy S with a10.5" screen and 30gb hd, quad-core 1.9mkz. I am told if any andriod device is capable of creating tracks, this tablet is one. My problem is latancy, I have reduced the latancy to roughly 12ms, but that is still way too much. I am really hopeful that I can get this down to 3,4 maybe 5 ms. I am using G Stomper and one other app which I won't name here, suffice to say that I am getting about the same results with the other. THEN, I loaded up a little music creation app for Galaxy called "Soundcamp" . It comes with some decent drum samples, (that's all I've heard so far), but, NO LATENCY! I laid down a couple of drum tracks and as I was tapping away at the screen, the notes were placed just as I played them with almost no Latency, I mean a couple ms at the most. So....I'm hoping that either I can find more ways to knock off more msecs cutting cpu load or maybe the Devs can have another look at the overcomplex way andriod handles audio. That weird little app gave me hope, it's not my tab.

By the way, can some one tell me how I get my controller to look at the Sampler? All I can play at moment is the Beast!

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Re: Getting rid of Latency

Postby planet-h » Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:30 pm

Welcome to the forum, Stringbender, and thanks for your message.

1. Regarding the controller:
You have to set/learn the midi channel of your controller for the sampler in the G-Stomper MIDI setup.
Look for the Sampler Channel section in the MIDI setup.

2. Regarding the latency:
I don't know who recommended a Samsung tablet for audio. To be honest, Samsung tablets are far away from being the best, especially regarding latency. 12ms is actually a very good value for a Samsung device.
The best you can get is still the Google Nexus 9. If you run it on Android 5.1.1 (not 6.0), then you get 5ms with smooth operation.

3. Regarding Samsung Soundcamp:
Yes, Samsung created their own low latency audio driver, and it works sometimes, sometimes not, on some devices better, on some worse.
But the main problem is, that the Samsung audio system does only work on Samsung devices (and by far not on all, even on many supported devices it simply doesn't work), therefore no serious developer integrates it. If you look at the apps that support Samsung low latency audio, then you see that it only a handful, and 90% of them are Samsung apps.
If you want to use the more complex audio apps on android with the lowest possible latency, the best working solution is either a Nexus 9 or a Pixel C tablet.

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