G-Stomper 2.6.8 has been released!

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G-Stomper 2.6.8 has been released!

Postby planet-h » Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:51 pm

Hi guys

G-Stomper Beat Studio 2.6.8 is now online on Google Play!

Release Notes:

Side chain support for compressor, limiter + filter envelopes(long press on efx send to switch between input 1+2)
Export/Bounce Sample in track menu
Export/Bounce complete Track in track menu
EFX send controls on mixer channels
Sample selector folder list shows the path now
Improved ListView Performance
Multiple BugFixes in the Sample and Export handling, no more glitches when exporting loops
Minor BugFixes in the audio core + UI
Updated PDF UserManual at http://www.planet-h.com/gstomper/

Special thanks to Stephen, Joshua, Stefan, Rodney and Ingo for their help during the creation of this release.

EFX SideChain:

I've attached 2 demo patterns, in those you see how to use the compressor and filter env side chain. Just copy them into the folder gstomper/patterns on your device storage.

(1.79 KiB) Downloaded 417 times

The following Effect types support Side Chaining over a second input:

Compressor (simple)
Limiter (simple)
7 Resonant Filter types (env follower)

By default, when you use the EFX send button to pass a track signal to an Effect, it uses input 1.
To send a signal to the input 2, long click the EFX send button on the Main Screen.
The same applies to the FX:- buttons on the Mixer Channels.

Side Chaining example with the Compressor/Limiter:

Without side chaining, the compressor effect does reduce the volume of the input signal depending on the input level. As louder the input signal is as more the reduction. Send a kick drum (on step 1,5,9,13 typical straight beat) to the compressor (normal, no side chain). Then send a long synthesizer sound to the compressor as well. Adjust the kick drum so that it's louder than the synthesizer signal. With a bit of adjusting on the compressor (on EFX edit Screen), you'll here the typical ducking effect, known from many music productions. Technically: The volume is reduced each time the kick drum starts to play, and as soon as the kick drum is over, the volume gets louder again (of course depending on the settings of the compressor: attack, release, ratio, threshold).

So this is sounding nice, but what if you want the same effect on the synthesizer (the ducking on step 1,5,9,13), but you don't want to hear the kick drum which is controlling the Effect? That is the primary purpose of side chaining. Now long press the EFX send on the kick drum track to send it, still to the compressor, but to input 2 instead of 1. Now you don't hear the kick drum anymore. But it still controls the ducking effect.

This is what Compressor side chaining does. Letting a second signal (which is not on the main mix) control the compressor level.

The same applies to the Resonant Filters. The only difference is that the side chain signal (on input 2) controls the envelope follower instead of the Compressor level.

Note: Side Chaining is only supported on the main EFX chain, NOT in the master section.

Export/Bounce Sample:

To use the sample bounce feature, long click on the desired Tx button and choose 'Export/Bounce Sample'.
This will export the Sample (not the sequence) of the current track including all track parameters: pan, vol, start, len, pitch, track filter params, env destination, env type, reverse, normalize.
The regular EFX chain is NOT included.

During the bounce process you can choose if you want the bounced sample to be loaded automatically after the export is finished.

Export/Bounce complete Track:

To use the track bounce feature, long click on the desired Tx button and choose 'Export/Bounce complete Track'.
This will export the complete Track including everything params, sequence and EFX as an audio loop.
The loop will replace the track sequence and gets loaded automatically at the end of the bounce process.


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