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G-Stomper Studio 5.1 open BETA

Postby planet-h » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:56 am

Hi everybody
The open BETA tests for the upcoming G-Stomper Studio 5.1 started today.

With this new version you finally get per track Insert Effects, in other words each mixer channel got 2 dedicated Insert FX slots.

If you're willing to join the tests, just visit the G-Stomper Public BETA Group on google+ and click "ask to join".


Only regular owners of a G-Stomper Studio full license, bought on Google Play, can join the test and download the BETA release.

gss51mixer.jpg (141.64 KiB) Viewed 9980 times

gss51insfx.jpg (119.14 KiB) Viewed 9980 times

G-Stomper Studio 5.1 BETA1 Release Notes:

  • Insert Effects per track: Each mixer channel got 2 dedicated insert FX slots (of course with full midi support, automation and everything, just check out the mixer)
  • Removed the vocoders from the Sum FX in the Master section (these were listed there by accident)
  • Fixed a bug in the PCM loop editor which made the screen to hang when using very large samples (special thanks to JYNXY for the report)
  • Fixed a bug in the autosave module which made the progress dialog to vanish in some cases while exporting audio (which resulted in a unwanted system state)
  • Several improvements for smoother UI animation

Mixer Channel Signal way in G-Stomper Studio 5.1:

1. Audio Source (sampler/synth)
2. Mute
3. Solo
4. Insert Effects (1 > 2)
5. Volume/Panorama Fader
6. 3-Band Parametric EQ
7. Send Effects

Any questions? Always feel free to ask

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