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20.1.1 Android 8.0 and higher

Simply copy your Sample Library to the folder:

/sdcard/Android/data/< app-packagename>/files/gstomper/usersamples

The <app-packagename> is unique for each app:

G-Stomper Studio


G-Stomper Studio DEMO


G-Stomper Producer


G-Stomper Producer DEMO


G-Stomper Rhythm


G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone)


G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone) DEMO


To copy the sounds, you can either use an USB connection and a PC, or a File Manager app, if the files are already stored on the device. The Sample Library can be flat (just files) or it can be organized in folder structures, whatever you prefer.

Once you have copied the files to the ‘usersamples’ folder, the sounds are immediately available in your G-Stomper app. Show up the Track menu of a particular Track, select the LOAD tab and choose ‘User Sample’ from the menu. You’ll be dropped directly in the usersamples folder.

(see also Chapter: Access your Samples from the private ‘usersamples’ folder)

Important Note:

To copy the Samples to the G-Stomper usersamples folder is for your comfort only.

You can of course place your sounds at any location on your device storage. But keep in mind that if you store your samples outside the private storage of the app, then you can only access them in use of the System Files Picker: Show up the Track menu of a particular Track, select the LOAD tab and long press (press and hold) ‘User Sample’.

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