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A Polyrhythm is the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms with different Time Signatures. G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm, G-Stomper VA-Beast

Since G-Stomper cannot have multiple Timing/Measure settings in one pattern, creating Polyrhythms might be tricky, but can be done with some tricks. However, if Polyrhythms are essential for you, then you should take a look at G-Stomper Producer, which specially designed to create Polyrhythms easily.

Mixing Triplets and Quadruplets:

Time Signature = 16T (or 32T for higher granularity) Steps per Bar = 12

Length in Bars = 2 (or higher)

While using Step 1 and 7 for beats, …

… use 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 for Triplets, …


… and 1, 4, 7, 10 for Quadruplets.



You can also create the triplet beat, then bounce it as audio, and then switch over to quadruplet and program the quadruplets (while the triplets remain in the bounced audio). But with this method you’ll lose the ability to change the tempo, as a bounced track is a fixed audio loop, and no longer a trigger sequence.

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