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24.3 Audio (Sample) Editor

Graphical Waveform Editor

Yes (Mono, Stereo)

Auto Snap Start/End Markers to Zero-Crossing

Yes (can be turned off in the settings)

Editor features

Cut Copy

Paste Insert Paste Mix

Paste Overwrite Crop


Smooth Delete (X-Fades at the edges) Mute

Swap Stereo Channels

Audio Processing features

Level +/-

Normalize (channels linked or independent) Fade-In


Connect (interpolate linearly between two samples) Reverse

Invert Phase Remove DC Offset Noise Gate

Pitch Shift

Time Compress/Expand


Yes (unlimited)

Sample Recording

Yes (Microphone required)

Sample Recording Formats (Microphone)

Bitrates: 8, 16

Sample Rates: 22.05, 32, 44.1, 48kHz (Note: some devices support max 44.1kHz) Channels: Mono, Stereo

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