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24.2 VA-Beast Synthesizer

Max nr of Synthesizer Tracks


Max nr of Synthesizer Voices per Track




(+ 1 hidden Oscillator in the Osc Modulator)

Oscillator Waveforms

Saw Pulse Triangle Sine Noise

Dual Sine (2 independent Sine Waves as one Waveform)

Multi-Sample based Synthesis

Additional Waveform PCM per Oscillator capable to load Multi-Sampled Instruments, unlimited Velocity Layers

Oscillator Waveform Shape

Yes (specially designed for each particular Waveform)

Oscillator Sync

Yes (All Waveforms except Dual Sine and PCM)

Oscillator internal FM

Yes (Dual Sine, Sine1 > Sine2)

Oscillator Modulation

FM (Osc2 > Osc1)

Differential FM (Osc2 > Osc1) Ring Modulation (Osc2 > Osc1)

Distortion/Ring Modulation (Mod Osc > Osc1/Osc2) Distortion (Distortion > Osc1/Osc2)

Filter FM (Osc2 > Filter Cutoff)

Filter Resonance Modulation (Osc2 > Filter Resonance)

FM Algorithms

Phase Modulation (like in DX7) Log+

Log+/- Lin+ Lin+/-

Modulation LFOs


Modulation LFO Waveforms

Triangle Saw Pulse Random

Smooth Random Triple Peak


Modulation LFO Invert


Modulation LFO Single Cycle Mode


Modulation Envelopes


Modulation Envelope Modes


AD Repeat

Modulation Envelope Invert


Modulation Envelope Attack Types

Linear Exponential Offset

Pitch Wheel

Yes (free assignable Up/Down range)

Modulation Wheel

Yes (free assignable Morph Group)

Sustain Pedal

Yes (momentary, toggle, or wheel)

Filter 1+2 (per Voice)

2 Resonant Filters with 8 different Filter types 12dB Low Pass

12dB High Pass 24dB Low Pass 24dB High Pass 12dB Band Pass 12dB Notch

24dB Moog Low Pass 24dB Moog High Pass

Filter 1+2 Keyboard Tracking


Filter 1+2 Envelope


Filter 1+2 Envelope Invert


Filter 1+2 Envelope Attack Types

Linear Exponential Offset

Filter 2 Routing

Serial and Parallel

Amp Envelope


Amp Envelope Attack Types

Linear Exponential

Vibrato (per voice)

Global Vibrato to give your sounds the final touch


Arpeggiator with 4 different operation modes Up to 4 Octaves

Stereo Unison (per voice)

2, 3 and 5 Layers

Polyphonic Glide

Morph between complete chords

Polyphonic Legato

Morph between complete chords without re-triggering the envelopes

Chord Memory

Map complete chords to a single Key

Sound Library

Factory Sound Library with over 100 Presets Unlimited User Presets

Add-On Pack Support

Yes (various Add-On Packs available)

Preset Import Format

SFZ (.wav and .aif/.aiff based)

User-Samples Support

Yes (in the Multi-Sample based PCM Module)

Supported User-Sample Formats

Uncompressed wav, aif, aiff

Bitrates: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 32 float, 64 float Sample Rates: All (tested from 6kHz to 192kHz) Channels: Mono, Stereo

Maximum concurrent number of Samples

Only limited by the Device Memory

Sample Memory

Depends on the limit of the Device, goes from 48mb up to 512mb or more

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