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• 1 MIDI Channel for global controls with the option to play all Sampler Tracks at once in one single channel (each on a specific Key/Note)

• Up to 24 MIDI Channels for the Sampler Tracks

• 1 MIDI Channel for the selected Sampler Track

Default setup:

Global listens to all channels on all virtual Ports.

In the global channel, by default, the Sampler/Drum Tracks are mapped in a non-tonal way; all tracks (T1-24) are mapped to the global MIDI channel to the NoteNo 48-71:C3-B4. You’re free to change the mapping either by manually selecting different notes/keys or in use of the MIDI learn feature.

(see Chapter: Edit MIDI CC/Key Mappings)

Note: Mapping more than 16 Channels is only possible if your controller provides multiple Virtual MIDI Ports.

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